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Week commencing 19th March 2018 - Lindfield.

A group of children went out for a lovely walk on Monday.

There was some still some snow on the ground and the children wrapped up warm.

They headed to the local park - on their way they looked at the daffodils, trees, house numbers and road signs.

When they arrived at the park they had fun running around, trying to keep themselves warm. They understand that movement can help to keep their bodies warm.

They used all of the play equipment, slides, swings and roundabouts. They had a great time.

The children who stayed at The Acorns went out to play in the garden. They rode on bikes and trikes and enjoyed time in the mud kitchen making mud pies and pancakes.

All week we have had Easter shape cutters on the play dough table. We made some fresh yellow play dough which reminds us of Easter chicks.

“It’s the same colour as a feather on a baby chick.”

On Tuesday the older children enjoyed a pottery session with Jane. They made birds’ nests with little birds and eggs inside. The children listened well to Jane’s instructions and have made some wonderful models.

Jane had brought back the pottery from the last session – Gruffalos! Look how amazing they are!

On Wednesday we spent lots of time in the garden. The children enjoyed mark making with water and paintbrushes. They painted letters and pictures on the bench and slabs and enjoyed watching it slowly disappear.

We have been busy this week doing Easter Crafts. The children have been making cards for their families which they will take home next week. They drew some lovely pictures inside and some wrote their own names. Well done everyone!

On Thursday Miss Edwards spent the day helping the children to make Super Hero masks – the children were very creative and talked to her about the super powers they would like to have.

On Friday we played some small group games, spent time in the garden and enjoyed picnics in the lounge.

Some of the children made bunny ears to wear. They are adorable!

“The Easter bunny brings you eggs.”

“I already have 2 eggs at my home.”

“I cannot wait for Easter.”

Another fun filled week at The Acorns !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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