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Week beginning 22nd January 2018 - Westmeston

We have had another busy but soggy week at Westmeston. Miss Edwards kicked off the week by exploring maths and numeracy with the children through play.

We make sure that we celebrate everyone's achievements, whether it's being able to write our name or jump off a log. Miss Edwards was very proud of herself when she finally learned to ride a bicycle on two wheels!

We enjoyed reading the story of Thumbelina and talked about the animals in the story. We used our fine motor skills to thread beads onto pipe cleaners when we made little fairies.

It was fun to use pretend tools inside to drill wood cookies and pinecones. We like to use real tools best of all but this is a good way to practice.

Miss Edwards led us on our last adventure on Space Mountain. It is really good for us to experience climbing, balancing and sliding in the most imaginative ways! Some of us got so muddy that that we didn't look like children any more! We noticed that there were bulbs bravely trying to push through the mud and decided that we should let them grow and that we should play elsewhere! It is important to remember that our play should not disturb the plants or the animals.

Miss Vincent brought her sewing machine again on Friday and she helped us to make some amazing bird finger puppets. We chose the bird that we wanted to make and found the best pieces of material called felt to make them with. We really enjoyed playing with them and took them to the woods to play.

Eagle eyed spotters were rewarded with the sight of a Buzzard coming into land on a branch. We zoomed in with the camera to try and get a closer look. We did think it looked a little bit like a Kookaburra! We then saw a paraglider swirling around above the Downs. Birds and humans can fly which is pretty amazing!

Some of us made nests for our birds and we played so nicely and co-operatively as we shared our

nests with our friends. Some of our birds very cleverly used string to tie the twigs for their nest together! When birds make nests they only have their beaks to use whereas we can use two hands! Birds are quite amazing!

Thank you to Jemima who brought in some yummy carrot cake buns that she made at home. She shared them out around the fire with our hot chocolate. They were delicious!

Finally, Conker Sheep has gone to Hunter's house and I am sure that a lovely time will be had by all!

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