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Week Commencing 19th June 2017 - Westmeston

Our focus of the week was My Understanding of the World – The World and the letter of the week was Gg for grass!

It was very hot during the first part of the week with a thunderstorm and a little bit of rain on Thursday. It sent us scurrying for our jackets only to discover that some of us didn’t have one! Luckily we dried quickly!

Sun cream and sun hats were a must this week as we enjoyed the sunshine but respected how

fierce it was as well.

We made cars and Ninjas with Miss Edwards. In fact with a box full of paint, split pins and card we made all sorts of other things as well!

We went to Africa this week with the story of Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. We tried to guess what the story was first of all by looking at the animals and then the fruit. Florence of course, guessed it straight away!

We listened to a special CD of African Music and enjoyed beating an African drum. Miss Vincent explained that we

could get different sounds depending on where we beat it. We really liked doing that! We were excited to see the passports that we made last week. This week we stamped them with a map of Africa and drew something that we thought might come from that part of the world. We had suggestions of zebras and pandas! Next week we are going to go to Spain with our role play. I wonder what we might see if we went there?

On one of our walks we made sun catchers as we sat in the shade of a beautiful conker tree. We found daisies, clover and leaves. The teeny tiny conkers are getting too big to stick on anything now. We noticed that they are still very soft. Some of us picked a few big leaves off the trees and played a lovely game. We understood that we shouldn’t pick too many because the trees need their leaves to make food from the sunshine. We learned that this was called photosynthesis and we tried to say it!

We hope that parents found the Leaver's Consultations useful as we enjoy our last few weeks at Nursery before heading off to Big School. Thank you for making the time to come into Westmeston or the Leaver's Consultation Evening at Lindfield.

We enjoyed having some of our families walking with us on Friday afternoon. We walked along the drive to the woods and showed everyone where we like to play. We used a spotter sheet to search for different colours. Some of us had a go at climbing the trees!

We were pleased to have Conker Sheep back this week after having a little holiday at Jude and

Matilda’s house. There was a lovely diary entry by Florence. He has now gone to visit Amber.

Miss Nagy came to play on Friday and she read us a story called Mr Archimedes’ Bath by Pamela Allen. She helped us to experiment with volume and capacity in simple terms as we all tried to get into a boat full of water pretending to be the animals. Oscar put himself in charge of measuring what happened when we started to get in. The water rose!

Don’t forget that next week is PE week. Please bring a drawstring bag with a tee shirt, pair of shorts and plimsolls or trainers so that we can practise getting dressed and undressed neatly and run around even more that we usually do!

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