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Week commencing 25th November - Westmeston

There was some messy fun in store for us this week as we investigated colours and textures. We used coloured ice to paint with and watched how the shapes of the ice blocks changed as they melted. Some of the ice blocks even had creatures inside! By lunchtime, all that was left was a watery mixture of colours. We wondered if the ice would melt so quickly outside.

Another fun activity was driving cars through paint to make a variety of marks. We loved working as a team to make a painty race track which mixed all the colours together again.

On Thursday, we used torches to investigate light. We built a dark den so that the torches shone brightly. We were even allowed to eat our morning snack in our den.

Outside we had fun with our friends on all sort of ride on toys. We also got busy making a road out of fallen leaves that we rode our bikes through.

The sun was shining for us on Friday - it hasn't done that for a long time! It was wonderful to walk in the sunshine, taking time to investigate our surroundings and find interesting things.

Our walk took us to the cricket pitch at the end of the lane where we sat to have our morning snack. Mrs Butcher challenged us to run around the whole cricket pitch! Some of us ran around it three times and got very warm in the winter sun.

After all of that activity, we were hungry for our lunch. Back in the hall we got busy making pizzas. We rolled out dough bases then added our own choice of toppings. Delicious!

As the light started to fade in the afternoon, it was fun to play with the torches again.

It was interesting to see how the torches seemed brighter as it got darker outside.

We've been busy practising our songs for the Christmas concerts next week. Please remember to provide a festive costume for us to wear at the performances which begin at 1:15pm on Wednesday the 4th and Thursday the 5th of December. We look forward to seeing you there.

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