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Week Beginning 20th November 2017 - Westmeston

What a busy week we have had! The weather has been lovely but we have had to wrap up warm. We have tried hard to put on our coats, wet weathers, shoes, slippers and wellies by ourselves, trying hard to make sure we put things back in our bags or on our chairs when we have finished. We have only lost a few things this week! Our growing independence with dressing and undressing was helped along by a wonderful array of dressing up clothes inside. We did find, however, that it is rather tricky to put a dress on when you don’t normally wear one so we did need a little bit of help at times.

Through the week we played with doctor’s kits and really enjoyed checking out each other’s teeth and hearts! We learned about reflexes and also the usual reminders on why we need to eat healthily and wash our hands before eating.

We played with sand inside and out which was great for scooping and moulding as well as mark making.

On Wednesday we enjoyed playing in the woods, climbing over and under branches. We looked for

the Green Man and tried to make our own faces on trees. We found leaves, berries, stones and twigs to press into clay. It will be interesting to see if anything has changed when we look over the next few weeks. We discovered lots of woodlice hiding under rocks and logs and we are beginning to understand that we must carefully put them back where we found them so that the little creatures can find shelter again.

We are so interested in exploring and finding things

out that Miss Vincent brought in her special microscope. Hooked up to a television screen we could look at things with the microscope wand and it would show on the screen. We saw the veins inside the leaves and compared them to the veins that are in inside our own bodies all doing the special job of helping to keep us alive! We looked at many other things too such as hair and trousers.

On Friday we went up on the downs climbing up the

hills and rolling down them again! We found bits of fur and droppings near holes and worked out that they were rabbits. We tried to peer down the holes with torches but we could only see spider webs. We noticed that the grass is growing very long and wondered whether it’s because the sheep have gone and are not eating it.


We made elder bead bracelets. The elder twigs are soft inside

and it is fun to push the middle out

with a tent peg. We can then thread them on to string or wire. The leaves have a funny smell and this makes it easy to identify. We counted how many beads that we used. We also made pancakes only to discover that although we all enjoyed cracking eggs and whisking, some of us didn't like eating pancakes! We all loved the hot chocolate though.

Conker Sheep has come back from an exciting adventure at Will's house. He is a very lucky dragon. Thank you so much to everyone for looking after him. We know that there are many of you still waiting for a turn and he will be with you soon!

We are using up lots of energy practising the Christmas CD, we hope that you will be impressed with our performance! We still have tickets left if you would like to buy them!

We look forward to seeing you next week.

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