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Week Commencing 15th May 2017 - Westmeston

It has been quite a wet week and the dried up lumpy paths around us have become muddy again. We love mud. The woods sound amazing too with the sounds of raindrops on the leaves. We have been making bridges over the huge puddles.

This week we have been looking at People and Communities under Understanding of the World.

Miss Vincent made us a fire engine to play with. It has also become a den, a coach and a camper van.

We have been have been reading the Three Little Pigs. We made pictures and houses out of straw, twigs and bricks and clay. We blew straw into the wind to see how light it was and we were glad that our houses were made of bricks.

Miss Edwards made us an amazing Star Wars game that tested our numeracy skills. Mrs Hilton had us searching for treasure in sand with tongs which helped us with our pencil grip. The sand ended up over the floor of course – another mark making opportunity! We had lots of fun with literacy with Miss Vincent

involving a box of eggs and a dolls house.

Conker sheep has been to Florence’s school and he now features in a lovely book for us to look at which tells us what to expect when we start school. He had a lovely time and is now with Isla.

On Wednesday we explored fire again and we talked about why we need it. We were full of interesting ideas and we were very good at remembering how we must keep safe. On the way back we met a lovely lady on a very large horse called Ruby. She invited us to stroke her, so we did, one by

one. Ruby felt very hot and sweaty and her owner said that she would take her home for a shower. We thought the lady was a Police Lady because she had a high visibility jacket on.

In our little garden we have been looking at the buds on the raspberries and wondering what will come out of them. Our potatoes have grown very tall and we have planted some carrots. We didn't need to water anything this week because of all of the lovely rain but we did have to put some netting over the plants to keep the rabbits and squirrels off!

Don’t forget your tennis sessions at Plumpton Tennis Club on Thursday if you have booked a time slot. Westmeston is open as usual so we look forward to seeing you later on to hear all about it! See you next week!

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