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Week Beginning 29th April - Westmeston

Even though we were only at Westmeston for three days this week, we managed to fit in lots of fun and adventure.

Our new puppet friends were very popular. They joined us in lots of imaginary games and we kept them well fed!

We have found a new favourite spot for digging. We like to use all sorts of sticks and tools to dig with. Again, we have really used our imagination whilst playing - it's been a building site, a moon crater, home to a mole family and even a musical stage!

This week we have been thinking about feelings. Some children showed us special items that make them happy, such as photos of friends and favourite books.

We thought about what makes us happy:-

"Playing with my brother and sister."

"Going to the beach and eating ice cream."

"Macaroni cheese."

"Eating chocolate."

We have certainly found lots of happiness playing with our friends in the sunshine.

On Friday, we were excited to have some extra children joining us due to Westmeston being closed for Thursday's local elections. We were also thrilled to have Miss Reay joining us from the Lindfield site.

We went on a wonderful walk up the mountain where we enjoyed jam sandwiches and lots of adventure.

Back at the hall, we worked together as a team to put the tepee tent up again. We enjoyed pressing the tent pegs into the ground with our feet.

In the afternoon, we had great fun making a magnificent piece of art. First, we used a basket to collect items from around the garden that we thought might make interesting paintbrushes.

Then we rolled out a large piece of paper, added some splatters of paint and got to work!

We noticed the way the colours mixed together to make new colours. The items that we collected made interesting marks in the paint, though it wasn't long before we were using our hands to paint with as well!

We hope you are enjoying a lovely long weekend.

Please remember that Acorns Open Day is being held on Sunday 12th May at our Lindfield setting from 10:30 am - 12 noon. There will be a short concert given by the Lindfield children at 10:45am. We would love to see Westmeston children and their families there.

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