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Witnessing first hand the impact of our approach on children's wellbeing and development means we truly believe that the Acorns Nursery and Forest School provides the best possible start for children. But don't just take it from us! Read below from some of our wonderful parents and children on what makes the Acorns so special.

Lindfield Reviews 



"Fantastic Nurturing Nursery - Great to be part of The Acorns family."


"The atmosphere at Acorns nursery in so homely and friendly for the lucky children who attend the nursery. The manager and her team are clearly passionate about what they do and this is apparent in the varied learning and play activities on offer. The children always appear happy and engaged in what they are doing. The outdoor garden is a huge bonus and an area where the children thrive. I would have no hesitation recommending this nursery!"


"Excellent well led nursery." 

"Every Day is a happy day at The Acorns."

"The Acorns is a nurturing environment where the children are the main focus! Learning through play is a priority and the children are introduced to a wide variety of activities and experiences."

"Our son absolutely adores his days attending The Acorns Nursery School Lindfield and I can see why. An absolutely amazing nursery school with attentive and caring staff. It's a real joy to be part of the Acorns family. We have specific dietary needs that are catered for and that is very important to us. Our son always returns home telling us about a new activity he has done each day - I couldn't be happier."

"Acorns in Lindfield is a really wonderful nursery. It has excellent staff who are incredibly caring and really happy children. The nursery has a great ethos and prepares children really well for school, both in terms of learning but, at least as importantly, in terms of confidence and peer relationships. Acorns is a very special place."

"My daughter currently attends Acorns and loves it! We couldn't be happier with the care and nurturing she receives by the team, she talks all the time about her teachers and what she does at Nursery. My son also attended Acorns and he blossomed with confidence which was lovely, as he is a naturally shy child. He went to big school fully prepared and the nursery certainly did an outstanding job."

"When we moved to this area and looked around the Acorns at Lindfield we couldn't believe our luck. It is very rare to find a passionate woman with a MBA in education running a nursery from her home with an equally passionate and caring team. My daughter loves arriving at this home from home to see the staff and her friends. She always enjoys the varied wholesome activities, often using nature as a resource and the attention she receives. The menu is varied and I am told delicious! My daughter has a milk allergy and they always make sure they have an alternative meal, snacks and treats for her. I can't recommend it enough."

"Our son absolutely loves being at Acorns - it's a great nursery with wonderful staff and surroundings. He bounds in every morning and loves telling us about his days when he gets home. There nursery has a great atmosphere and all the other children seem equally happy. There is also plenty of opportunity to be outside which is a great plus."

"At the end of this academic year, our youngest child will leave The Acorns. It will be a bittersweet day: Sad because 4 years as part of the Acorns family will draw to a close but happy because our youngest child will go out into the world a strong, confident, happy child ready for her "big school" adventure. So much of her confidence and courage is down to her wonderful experience at The Acorns. The staff are kind, attentive, fun but above all just really get my children and our children realise this key fact which makes them very happy and secure. Both settings have done wonders for our children. Lindfield is cosy, creative, familiar and homely; Westmeston is exciting, free and a natural, beautiful setting perfect for adventures - they come back with mud on their wellies, colour on their cheeks and stories to share. I know I'm sentimental but our children have been so happy at the Acorns and we shall miss it very much."

"My son has attended the Acorns since September. He has settled well and made friends. The staff are caring, experienced, and stimulating. They really do seem to go over & above. He is making pleasing progress but most importantly, he is happy. We couldn't be more pleased."

"The staff are excellent, compassionate, caring and very creative in their activities and engagement. Every week is different. Two lovely settings. Our daughter is happy and challenged here. A great environment."

"We adore The Acorns and so does our daughter. She has settled so well there and all the staff are extremely caring and kind to the children. The activities are well thought out and encourage learning through fun. I couldn't think of a better environment for small people to enter when leaving their mummies and daddies for the first time."

"The Acorns in Lindfield is a friendly, nurturing environment where parents are encouraged to work in partnership with the staff to help develop their child. The planning of session content is excellent, and one term in, my daughter is looking forward to her nursery days and settling well."

"My eldest daughter attended Acorns when we moved down from London. The transition to the nursery was seamless and she loved it the minute she arrived. My youngest currently attends and skips in every morning. Acorns is a magical and comforting place. The carers are all amazing and I feel totally at ease when my daughter is in their care. I would recommend Acorns to anyone."

"The Acorns is a wonderful nursery where the children are encouraged to learn through play, make new friends and learn new skills. My son loves all the amazing staff and children. He has grown in confidence, learnt so many new things and especially loves the reading scheme. The Acorns is a warm and welcoming nursery; a place where all the children are encouraged to grow as individuals, embrace creativity and imagination and are prepared for the start of school life."

"My son has settled into The Acorns Nursery School, Lindfield incredibly well and this is with thanks to the staff. The Acorns ladies are amazing, they genuinely care for the children and work extremely hard to ensure they have a fun learning experience every day. At the end of the day at nursery, he is always so excited to tell me about what he has done. The daily activities are varied and exciting, some things are just not available at other nurseries e.g pottery and 'Special visitors'. I love the nursery's 'home setting' as the children feel secure and nurtured. The yummy food is freshly prepared in the kitchen every day and it's great that the children can see this happening. The garden is well set out and the children are encouraged to play outside whatever the weather which is great!
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Acorns to friends!"

Westmeston Reviews 

" The endless interest and enthusiasm of the staff at Westmeston really do set a standard that others would struggle to meet. Just take a visit and see for yourself."

"Both our children have attended The Acorns and this has helped them develop, build confidence and prepare themselves for school, so they have a great start in life.

"My two year old daughters speech has come on in leaps and bounds since joining The Acorns. Her physical and fine motor skills have also hugely improved as she's always busy, active and playing.

She loves the friends shes made at Forest School and the teachers too.

The teachers go above and beyond to provide a nurturing environment for children to thrive. I would highly recommend it to any parent."

"My son started nursery at Westmeston in September. It has been great watching him cheer with excitement when we told him he was going to Acorns. He is one of the younger ones however he is included and encouraged to join in with everything. The staff are very friendly and enthusiastic which shows with their great rapport with my son. He has grown and is blossoming under their care which as his Mum I could not wish for more."

"This has to be the best nursery I have come across - the staff are just so fantastic and the quality of care, attention and learning they give to the children is second to none. My little boy has had the best time at The Acorns Nursery School, Westmeston which is an ideal setting with great outdoor and indoor space and beautiful surroundings. The atmosphere is so positive and so well disciplined at the same time. My little boy actually comes home proud of learning to fold aprons, as well as encouraging the teachers to do boy dancing and play Star Wars games! He has a brilliant time there with show and tells, imaginative play and science lessons, so the fun is mixed in with great learning at the same time. I would absolutely recommend The Acorns Nursery School, Westmeston to anyone looking for a nursery that brings happiness, fun and friendship to their child's day."

"The Acorns at Westmeston is a really special nursery. The kids absolutely love the space, nature and the fresh air. The staff are better than you'll find anywhere else. Our daughter always comes back buzzing (and often muddy!) from all the running around outdoors. It's brilliant."

"My son has attended The Acorns since January 2015 and he loves it! The staff are exceptional. They genuinely care and take each child as an individual. Educationally my son thrives in the stimulating environment they provide (both inside and out)."

"The Acorns Nursery and Forest School was recommended to me by several friends, and now that I am sending my two boys there, I can see why. The staff are very caring and it's evident that they are well "tuned in" to the needs of each child. Communication with parents is excellent, and staff are always available for a chat. My two boys love that they get to spend so much time outdoors - riding scooters, going on woodland walks, etc. The setting couldn't be more idyllic. Overall, we've been so pleased with The Acorns and would highly recommend it."

"Through just two seasons, our little acorn has blossomed from being an observant, inquisitive and playful toddler, tentative in his verbal and physical expression, to becoming a chatty, inclusive, enthusiastic little boy with a keen eloquence, expansive vocabulary and confident enjoyment of his burgeoning physical prowess. The Acorns is a holistic environment, child-led and nurturing in its encouragement of independence and togetherness at the same time, celebrating nature and our part of it, and each other, a home from home. Learning is everywhere, whether in the classroom, garden or the fields and woods beyond. The wonderful Acorns teachers appreciate the value of being present to a child’s imagination and inspiration at any moment so that precious opportunities are made the most of, with careful observations, shared often and eagerly, whether formally or by the door at the end of a fun-filled day. A most special place."

"My son has been attending Acorns Nursery for over a year, starting initially at Lindfield and most recently the last 6 months or so at Westmeston. The Nursery's beliefs and amazing team members have ensured that my child (and all children in their care) is growing mentally and physically beyond our greatest expectations every term! This, added to the unique 'Forestry' elements to my child's learning, is resulting in a very happy, secure and knowledgeable little boy!"

"The Acorns Nursery School Westmeston is fabulous. My daughter loves her days there and is always excited to know it's a nursery school day. The staff are fantastic, providing so many creative and fun activities all week. The outside space is vast and the children are given the freedom to run around and ride their scooters or bikes every day. I have nothing bad to say about The Acorns!"

"The Acorns, Westmeston is a wonderful nursery in a unique outdoor setting. My son loves the fact that he gets to spend so much time outdoors playing, riding his bike and learning through the woodland school program. The staff are amazing! So supportive and provide the children with a wide variety of activities, games and outdoor fun. My son has learnt so much about space this term and has developed a passion for all things science. The setting really enables the children to be exposed to all the wonderful things nature has to offer while being looked after by such lovely staff."

More comments from Parents and happy Children

"Mrs Janet Irwin and the team are experienced and passionate about Early Years. You can rest assured they will do their best to help your child develop."

"Thank you for taking me under your wing and sharing your cosy, light, homely abode with me and all my new friends. There's no place I'd rather be on Mondays and Wednesdays. All that I do, see and share fills my little heart with joy and widens my horizons. Thank you for lighting my candle on the path to knowledge and wisdom."

"It is now three years since my youngest daughter moved on from Acorns. I just had to write and congratulate you on your wonderful instinct to spot every child’s strengths!


When my eldest daughter came to you in the 1990s, I thought I had a very difficult child… she wouldn’t sleep and never seemed to be able to conform to the standards around her. I faced considerable criticism from other parents (whose children seemed to be ‘perfect’) and felt that I was doing everything wrong. Friends tried to help by giving me books on child behaviour, but that just made it all worse!


Sending her to Acorns quite literally changed our lives. You spotted within days that she was simply exceptionally bright and immediately started giving her the stimulus she craved to be happy and settled. She was only with you for two terms, but we never looked back. She now has four top academic scholarships to her name and a string of awards and accolades. Thanks to you, she has never again been misunderstood!! She is now a happy, well-balanced teenager, with her feet firmly on the ground… It could have been so different!!!!!  

Six years on, my youngest daughter joined you. Once again, you were ‘spot on’! Within a few weeks you were telling me that she was very artistic. I couldn’t really see it at the time, but I have sent you some proof that you were right! She painted the picture below, this summer, at the age of seven.  

Please feel free to show this letter to prospective parents. I can assure them… from experience… that their children couldn’t be in better hands!

Many, many thanks!"


"Thank you for all your kindness and most importantly outstanding care."


"A lovely playful environment to develop and learn in."


"Sarah is very happy here at The Acorns. We are very pleased with the opportunities and encouragement she receives here and with the progress she has made. Westmeston offers Sarah exciting opportunities for outside play which she loves."

"Yasmin has had an incredible time at The Acorns. The staff have been excellent and always willing to listen. We feel very fortunate to have found such a nurturing and inspiring nursery in her formative years. The strength of the relationship between parents and staff is apparent in the way that the children develop throughout their time at nursery."


"Upon a reminder that it is a Westmeston day, a smile spreads across Lauren’s face. We have been extremely content with Lauren’s time at The Acorns, from the excellent and nurturing staff and calm, happy children to the educational and interesting out of hours childminding. The tremendous energy and effort from the teachers results in a Nursery School of which more could not be asked."


"Acorns provided an excellent setting for Ella to grow in confidence and to have secured very competent reading skills before school."


"Ivan has enjoyed his time at The Acorns. He has grown in confidence which I believe has been due to your approach of encouraging children to be independent. He has learnt that he can dress himself, change his own shoes, wash his hands etc. He has very much enjoyed his days at Westmeston. Ivan loves outdoor activities and for that reason The Acorns was the perfect choice for him because of the value placed on outdoor play as a learning experience. I would recommend The Acorns wholeheartedly."


"Daniel loves his nursery. He constantly asks to grow seeds as he has learnt about gardening and growing at nursery. Daniel has developed so much during his time at The Acorns in Lindfield and at Westmeston and he has grown into a confident, well-mannered and happy child. We will be sad that he is leaving in July. Westmeston is a wonderful place for a child to begin their schooling life. We feel he has been very lucky to have attended both nurseries. Daniel has developed far beyond our expectations. We are incredibly happy with everything he has experienced and learnt during his time here. Thank you to all the amazing staff."


"We feel that sending our boys to The Acorns has given them the best start to their education. We cannot praise the teaching highly enough. Each teacher has a special quality and Piers talks fondly of his relationships with each of them."


"I was at Westmeston and Mr Irwin did have a goal and we did play football. I love Westmeston."


"Mia has loved every minute of her broad learning experience at Acorns and will look back on her time here with great fondness as will we!"


"I am delighted with Jessie’s development at Acorns. She has grown enormously in confidence and loves to attend. I wish Westmeston (Acorns) had been available when my son was at nursery age. He would have loved it!"


"Evie has had a wonderful time at Acorns developing and gaining confidence and skills. She has loved her teachers and made some very strong friendships. She has loved the story telling and singing and dramatic activities and will miss the strong sense of belonging that she feels there. Acorns has helped develop Evie’s confidence and social skills greatly. She can’t wait to get to nursery each day and has loved her teachers, her friends and her time here. She will really miss it."


"Thank you for all your help and guidance with Isobel. She has been very happy here and is definitely ready for big school."


"The Acorns have helped Wilson to develop social and communication skills. The Friday session at Westmeston has allowed Wilson to be creative and independent. I am grateful to The Acorns for all their support. Acorns is truly unique."

Private Tutoring Reviews

"Janet has tutored our children at both junior and senior school stages of their education and with a particular goal to reach each time.  We are delighted that both children went on to amply achieve their goals. They have been very happy to attend tuition sessions and have also benefited from an increased sense of self-belief and confidence as a result of Janet's input. We are most grateful to Janet for her work with them and would have no hesitation in recommending her as a tutor."

'Janet is an excellent tutor. Janet has been able to offer tutoring on a wide range of subjects, so has a superb grasp of the issues and challenges our children experience. Janet can simplify the most complicated topics and make them understandable. I found Janet to be a great support and genuinely interested in my daughter's progress. Highly recommended for your first choice on tutoring requirements.'

Paul L.

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