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Week commencing 9th October 2023 - Acorns 59

Welcome to our blog post.

We hope that you enjoy reading about our week, if you have any questions about or suggestions for the blog posts please speak to Mrs Franks.

This week our focus was on pets.

Many of the children have pets at home and we enjoyed listening to the children talk about their furry friends.

Some children have cats, some have dogs, goldfish, hamsters and one even keeps bees !!

“I have a pussy cat, it’s pink but not real. It’s a teddy cat. It has a hole in it.”

“I have 2 dogs.”

“I have a rabbit called Sybil. She has a little door and I know how to open it.”

“I did have a cat but it died.”

“I am getting a hamster when I am 5. I will call it Betty”

We spoke about how animals need help from humans to keep them safe and healthy and how we can provide food, shelter, exercise, fun and heath care for our animals.

We role played at being vets – adapting the Drs kits and using them on our soft toys.

“Is a vet a doctor but for animals?”

“I think I will be a vet when I get growed up”

We had some very special visitors this week.

Mrs Voller (From Acorns 25) brought in her guinea pigs. They were called Jack and Jeff.

Mrs Voller had brought some of their food and hay in for us to look at.

They love cucumber, carrots, spinach and they have special pellets which they enjoy to eat.

We learned that their teeth keep growing so they need to have crunchy food which helps to file them down.

They drink from a special water bottle which hangs upside down on their house which is called a hutch.

The children all took turns in holding the guinea pigs and stroked them carefully.

“They are very soft.”

“I am going to ask my mummy and daddy if I can have one at my house.”

We decided to paint some of our own guinea pigs and used some natural paintbrushes we had made from bits from the garden.

The children had a great time – we painted inside and outside.

We added sticky eyes to our pictures and are so pleased with how they turned out.

We have enjoyed lots of time in the garden this week, enjoying the sunny afternoons.

Please can we ask that you bring wellies and wet weathers from after the half term break.

We enjoyed sensory activities this week and particularly loved the painted chick peas.

We used spoons, scoops and trays to transport the chick peas.

Some of the children sorted them out into colour sets. I think Mrs Irwin will be finding chick peas on the floor for weeks to come – they roll everywhere !!

It is a brilliant activity to do at home with the children – very calming !

Mrs Franks put dried chick peas into a sandwich bags with a good squirt of paint. We then shook them around until they were coated with the colour.

We did this with a few colours and then laid them out to dry on a baking sheet. They dried within a few hours and have been a great addition to our sensory resources.

Here are a few more photos from our week …


Building with letter blocks.

We had such fun making shadow animals on paper.

Magnetic boards

Puzzle Connect

Baking scones with Mrs Neve

Building a garage / car park

Please remember that we have our artwork displayed at Haywards Heath Library – we would love to see photos of you visiting the library.

Every child has a piece of art on display.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Thank you for reading our blog.

Mrs Franks and the Acorns 59 Team.


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