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Week commencing 7th February 2022 - Lindfield.


This week we travelled to India.

We have enjoyed lots of fun activities to help us learn about India.

Flag making.

We looked carefully at the flag and were able to easily identify the colours

Green and Orange.

We used positional language when describing the flag to our teachers. “

“Orange at the top, Green at the bottom.”

“Whats in the middle?”

The flags pictures are now on display in the nursery. They look great!

We enjoyed dressing up in wonderful costumes and traditional clothing.

Niya and Giisele brought us in some outfits to all try on and Mrs Irwin had some in her special dressing up box,

even some for the teachers to wear !!

Indian clothes are so beautiful, the colours are amazing and the dresses were full of sparkles.

We enjoyed a trip to the park on Monday with a group of children. It was lots of fun, we stopped off at the duck pond on the way to the common.

On Tuesday we had a super yummy lunch, a selection of Indian foods and breads. The vegetable pakora went down really well and the naan bread was popular too.

Niya brought us in a special pudding, it was called ‘Halwa’

Niya told us about this pudding a few weeks ago and we were excited to try it.

It was really yummy and sweet and the children really enjoyed it. Thank You.

We celebrated Jack and Clemmie’s birthdays with cakes.


We coloured in some pretty patterns on drawn hands and talked about henna tattoos.

Mrs Franks made us some little sensory spice pots – the curry spice made us sneeze and the pickling spice was our favourite. We looked at a book all about Indian spices and saw pictures of the spice markets in India.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Niyas mum and grandma who visited us in traditional dress. Niya's mum gave us all a bindi to wear and she sang us a song in hindi about a fish.

She had brought in some beautiful outfits for us to wear too.

She taught us how to count 1-3 in hindi.

1- Ek

2- Do

3- Teen

The children loved listening to the song in hindi and had fun making their hands into a swimming fish.

For snack we ate pappadums that Percy had brought in to share with his friends.

We enjoyed a tie dying activity in the garden with Mrs Young.

Giiseles mum brought us in some dying kits to experiment with.

We scrunched up our t-shirts, pillow cases and hankies before twisting and adding rubber bands.

We then squirted the coloured ink all over the cloth. We had to leave them until the next day before rinsing them out and drying them.

The patterns and colours are so beautiful.

On Thursday we had another visitor – Giiseles mum came to tell us a story. She had brought a bag of goodies to show us. Clothes, bangles and Indian puppets. She also gave us all a bindi to wear.

She had made us some aloo tikki to have at lunch time, it was really tasty.

I wonder if the children will recall the stories she told?

One story was about a hungry dog who was greedy and the other about a very thirsty bird.

The thirsty bird found a pot with some water inside but its beak was too short to allow her to reach the water and drink, she had to work out a way of getting to the water.

The children thought really hard about a solution.

Finley suggested the bird should find an elephant with a long trunk to help which we thought was such a clever idea.

Sadly there were no elephants around …. more thinking and hilariously brilliant ideas from the children.

In the end the bird threw a pebble into the water and then another and another and slowly – the water began to rise until it was high enough in the pot to allow her to drink.

We had such a wonderful week learning about India.

Thank you so much to everyone who brought things in to share and came to visit. This project has been amazing so far and we are so excited to be able to have parents back into the nursery again after what seems like such a long time.

Working in partnership with you is important if we are to achieve the best outcomes for your children.

Here are a selection of other photos from our week for you to enjoy.

See you next week for more fun and exploration.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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