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Week commencing 6th February 2023 - Lindfield 59

Welcome to this week’s blog.

This week we have been celebrating love and kindness – talking a lot about Valentines Day which falls during half term.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Making relationships , Sense of Self and Understanding Emotions (Birth to Five Matters)

Mrs Spencer from Acorns 25 went to the library on Monday to display some of our lovely artwork for you all to enjoy on your visits.

We would love to see pictures of the children next to their displayed work – if you are happy to share some photos please email them in to us.

The children worked very hard on their crafts and are super proud that they are at the library for everyone to see.

We have had a busy week here at Acorns 59 – crafting, singing, playing and exploring the great outdoors.

We have enjoyed plenty of garden time and a few local walks, the weather may still be frosty but the sun has been bright and brought a little bit of warmth in the afternoons.

Please remember to pack suitable outdoor clothing for your children to wear alongside plenty of spare clothes. We do get wet and muddy at times – especially in the mud kitchen.

Soup was on the muddy menu this week, adding water to the existing mud to make a thick gloopy muddy paste which then doubled up as paint.

One of the children found a paint brush in the chalking area and before we knew it, we were all painting using the mud they had made.

The pictures looks great !

A wonderful example of children leading the play and in the moment planning.

One child had a wonderful idea and the teachers were able to step in the provide the extra support and materials they needed, then the other children flocked to the activity.

Team work at its finest !

We have spoken a lot about who is important to us and why ?

Below you will find some of the children answers.

“I love my Mummy because she gives me good cuddles”

I love my Daddy because he makes Risotto and it is yummy”

“I love all of my family and my cat”

“I love crumpets the most”

“I love my friends”

“I don’t love cheese the most”

We spent some time printing with heart shapes to make cards for the special people in our lives.

We used different colours of paint and different sized heart shapes.

We noticed how the children were able to identify the colours and sizes of the hearts and some used great mathematical language – introducing words like medium, gigantic, tiny.

We tested our fine motor skills making necklaces for our friends and family, carefully threading pasta onto our strings. It was tricky and we had to concentrate really well – well done everyone !

We celebrated some birthdays this week. Audrey is now 3 and Clemmie turned 4 years old.

Happy Birthday to you both and thank you for sharing your celebrations with us.

The next half of the term looks like a busy one, we will be kicking it off with a Acts of Kindness week where we hope to share a little love and light to our local community.

Mrs Franks and the Acorns 59 team have lots of lovely things planned – watch this space !!

Are you happy with our blogs?

Is there anything more you would like to see from us?

We are always looking on ways to improve, so any feedback would be brilliant.

Also, if you would ever like to change your photo permission allowances, please speak to Mrs Franks.

It often feels like we write these posts and we aren’t too sure who they are reaching.

Please leave a little comment, ping in an email or give us a thumbs up if possible. It would make our day to know who is enjoying reading about our week.

Take Care Everyone and Happy Holidays

Mrs Franks and the Acorns 59 Team.


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