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Week commencing 3rd July 2023 - Acorns 59

Hello and welcome to this weeks blog post.

We have had a wonderful week filled with lots of fun and laughter.

We had some lovely visitors.

Clara’s Mummy came in to do some baking with the children.

They made caterpillar twists from Clara's favourite recipe book – it is full of recipes inspired by the Gruffalo story.

The children floured the table, rolled out their pastry, spread their fillings and then rolled up their twists.

Clara's big sister had made some Gruffalo cards for the children to decorate and they had sequins, pom poms and all sorts of wonderful things to choose from.

Thank you so much for coming in. We really enjoyed it !!

We also had some local politicians stop by to have a chat with Mrs Irwin.

They wanted to know about the challenges our sector face so they can be more informed.

They were delighted to meet the children at the end of their visit.

The weather has been lovely and we have managed to spend most of the week outside in the garden.

We have enjoyed watching our tadpoles as they turn into frogs.

Sienna’s mummy has kindly offered to take them home to her pond at the end of next week.

We are happy to know they are going somewhere safe and hope they have enjoyed their time at The Acorns.

We certainly have enjoyed having them here and watching them grow and develop.

We have enjoyed lots of water play in the garden which has helped to keep us cool – the children loved transporting the water into the mud kitchen to make potions and soups.

The climbing frame has also been a firm favourite with some of our bigger children now being able to swing across the monkey bars.

Their confidence is growing and they are learning how to manage and assess their own risks as the climb higher and higher.

We played throw and catch and some of the children made up their own game where we had to kick a ball at an empty plastic flower pot to try and knock it down. Kicking to a target is tricky !

When Mrs Franks uploaded the camera photos onto her laptop ... she noticed that one of the Acorns teachers seems to have taken some selfies !!

I am pretty sure that Mrs Harsent didn't think they would make it onto the blog post.

We had some lovely lunches and snacks this week – Thank you to everyone who made suggestions last term and who have sent in suggestions in for next terms menu.

Please keep sharing your thoughts and recipes. We love to have your input.

The children weren't sure what this fruit was ...

"It looks like a mango on the outside"

"Do you eat that bit" (pointing to the seeds)"

"It looks yummy"

"It can't be a mango cause mangoes have big stones"

More visitors this week -- this time arriving in a tractor !

Local Farmers Holly and Gavin from Butterbox Farm came to visit the children.

Holly had a basket that was covered with a blanket so we couldn’t peek inside,

She gave us some clues about what was hiding under the blanket and we had to guess.

Can your children remember what she brought to show us ?

We then went outside to see what Farmer Gavin had brought with him – a big tractor !!

We measured ourselves against the huge wheels.

Farmer Gavin told us the jobs that his tractor can do.

It had a mower attached to the back and a lifter on the front. It was all very exciting !!

Thank you so much to Holly and Gavin from Butterbox Farm.

The children were truly inspired and for the rest of the week we have had lots of animal and farm chat.

Butterbox Farm has a pop up shop – please keep an eye on their social media pages to learn more about them, their farming journey, their shop opening hours and also for super cute piglet updates – They will be arriving any day now.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about our week.

See you next week for more fun and games at The Acorns.

The Family Picnic is on Wednesday – we do hope you can join us.

We will be waving goodbye to our school leavers next week – prepare for teacher tears !!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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