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Week commencing 28th June 2021 - Lindfield.

Welcome to this week’s blog post.

This week our focus has been Mathematics – Numbers.

Within our continuous play provisions we have ensured plenty opportunities to explore and experiment with number.

We have observed the children …

· Can they say some counting words randomly?

· Can they select a small number of objects from a larger group when asked?

· Do they recite some number names in sequence?

· Can they make comparisons between quantities?

· Do they experiment with marks/symbols/fingers to represent number?

· Do they match numeral and quantity correctly?

· Do they enjoy number puzzles?

We have built amazing towers, counting the blocks we have used.

We were able to make estimations and comparisons.

“I have used 8 blocks, I think I need to use 1 million blocks and it will reach the moon.”

“My tower is taller than yours. I have used 17!”

We used the abacus to help us count and were able to solve some number puzzles.

We have completed number puzzles – looking at both numerals and quantities.

We had fun colouring in number work sheets - matching the numerals to the quantity pictures.

We have sorted items into number pots.

Edward had a brilliant idea to share – He wanted to make a salt dough spider web.

Mrs Franks found a salt dough recipe online and we filled the cups with the ingredients we needed.

2 cups of flour.

1 cup of salt.

1 cup of water.

Our models were put into the oven for 3 hours. We will paint them next week.

Miss Matthews sang number songs with us and we got to take turns playing on the guitar.

Can you think of any number songs?

We love dancing to the music.

We also played some group games.

Box modelling was a firm favourite again this week - we counted how many pieces we could join together.

We used lots of mathematical language.

Here are a few more photos from our week.

Next Week our focus will be Physical Development.

All week our leavers will be practising changing into their sportswear ready for a PE class.

Please send your children with a change of clothes (shorts, t-shirt and sports shoes)

Our sports day picnic would have been held in Wednesday but sadly, due to recent Covid restrictions our plans have changed.

Instead we will celebrate sport all week with the children. We will be running races and playing a selection of physical games each day.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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