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Week commencing 28th February 2022 - Lindfield.


Welcome to the Lindfield blog post.

This week, our journey took us to France.

We enjoyed lots of activities.

We painted the French flag, identifying the colours and some children even mixed the colours to experiment with what new colours they could make.

We learnt about the Eiffel Tower.

Did you know the tower took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days to build.

The tower is 324 metres tall.

There are 20,000 light bulbs in the tower!

There are two restaurants with the tower.

Leo brought in a menu card from when his mum visited the tower a few years ago.

We decided the food sounded very fancy !!

We coloured in pictures of the tower.

We even tried to build our own versions of the tower.

We used magnets, duple blocks, sticklebacks .....

Mrs Irwin gave us a French lesson and read us a story in French.

We counted 1-5 and learned the days of the week.

We practised the colours in French and coloured in some beautiful rainbow pictures.

We enjoyed a visit from Ione's mummy who read us a lovely story.

Thank you soo much much coming in.

We are so excited to have parents coming back into the setting after so long - if you would like to pop in at any time, please speak to Mrs Franks to arrange a suitable time.

This week we also celebrated WORLD BOOK DAY.

The children had a brilliant time dressing up and many brought books in from home to share.

Another busy and wonderful week at The Acorns, having fun, learning, laughing and hopefully - making memories.

Time to hope on a plane again .... we will see you in America.


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