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Week commencing 22nd January 2024 - Acorns 25

We had a busy and exciting week at Acorns 25.

We have been learning about the UK this week and talking lots about where we live and our own community,

We made our own play dough and coloured it red, white and blue.

We helped Mrs Finney to measure out the ingredients and mixed it all together.

Mrs Finney is happy to share her recipe if you would like to make playdough at home.

The children used their hands as tools as well as rolling pins and cutters to explore the dough.

We find that play dough is a wonderful activity to help settle the children.

The possibilities are endless and the children use their imaginations when deciding what to make.

Mrs Voller made crowns with us which we decorated with sparkles and jewels.

We talked about King Charles and his amazing palace.

Some of the children told us they had been on a train to go to London and had seen the palace.

We looked at the Union Jack flag and were able to identify the colours within.

We then had the opportunity to colour our own flags - carefully choosing the colours of our pencils.

Great work !

Alex brought in a special book from the library, It was all about Great Britain.

We enjoyed looking at the pictures and hearing facts about our country.

Thank you Alex.

We went for a lovely walk around our community - we ended up at our favourite place - the duck pond.

The ducks were out and swimming around.

We heard lots of Quacks.

Q is our letter of the week and Quack begins with a Q !!

We love walking past the allotments and looking to see what is growing.

We used scissors to cut out paper in the shape of fish, chips and peas.

(The teachers did most of the peas - they were very fiddly)

We needed a little bit of help with the scissors but had a good try.

We have been practising our scissor skills a lot this term.

Do you use scissors at home ?

Here are a few more photos from our week.

Have a happy weekend everyone.

Next week we will be travelling to Australia !


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