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Week commencing 19th April 2021 - Lindfield

Welcome back !

We hope you all had a wonderful Eater break.

The children were excited to tell us about the adventures, egg hunts and play dates they had over the holidays.

We have also welcomed some new children to The Acorns this week and they are settling in beautifully.

We have had a jam packed week of fun and laughter as we get back into our routines.

This week we don't have any official planning - our aim is to settle the children back in, welcome new friends, play and explore.

The weather has been glorious and we have spent lots of time outdoors in the garden and we went for a lovely walk into the village.

We visited the allotments and watched as a gardener prepared his soil for planting.

We stopped at the duck pond to say hello to the ducks and moorhens.

We then walked to the park at Pickers Green to have a little play before heading back for lunch.

Mrs Franks sprayed all of the equipment before we played with a magic cleaning spray.

In the garden we have been busy planting - our sunflowers had grown during the holidays and we put them into the soil. The were getting too tall for their tiny pots.

We know that the flowers need sunshine and water to help them grow tall and strong.

Our water butt is almost empty as we've had no rain in such a long time.

We blew bubbles ... hundreds and hundreds of beautiful bubbles.

We climbed on the climbing frame and hung upside down !

We are learning to climb safely, holding on tightly and taking our time.

We had fun in the play house.

We have a kitchen in there, some cots for our babies and some cushions in the lounge area to relax on.

Finley didn't have time to relax ... he was too busy ironing in the sunshine.

The huge wooden blocks are very popular at the moment.

The play opportunities are endless and the children have been using them in a variety of ways.

They encourage team work and togetherness.

Of course, the adventure playground (Pirate Ship) has been a busy area of the garden too.

Here are a few more pics from the week ...

Mrs Irwin has asked me to let you know she is looking for a new car seat - suitable for a 2 year old.

If anyone has one that they are no longer using - please get in touch. Thank You.

We hope you have had a wonderful first week back.

Have a happy weekend and we will see you for more fun and games next week.


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