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Week commencing 24th February 2020 - Lindfield.

What a brilliant week!

This week our focus has been on technology.

Within our continuous provisions we included a variety of simple tech toys for the children to explore.

  • Mini lap tops

  • Mobile phones

  • Battery operated toys

  • Calculators

  • Cameras and printers

We have enjoyed experimenting with our child friendly technology and we have spoken about the games we play at home on ipads, tablets and phones.

There is a lot of useful information regarding internet safety for young children online and we would love to share it with you if you feel it may be of interest.

Whilst in the kitchen it was interesting to see if the children could identify and name some familiar gadgets.

Kettle, toaster, microwave, blender and juicer … Can your child tell you what these things are used for and do they know what powers them?

Our pottery teacher Jane visited us on Tuesday and we were super excited that she brought back our Gruffalos and Hungry caterpillars.

Where do you keep your children’s pottery?

We would love to see some photos of their wonderful creations within your homes.

This time we made something very special and we hope it will be back with us in time for Mother’s Day.

We enjoyed savoury and sweet pancakes on Tuesday.

We chose from ham and cheese, chocolate spread, lemon and sugar, honey and golden syrup.

It’s been a mixed bag of weather this week.

We have seen sunshine, high winds and even hailstones the size of peas!

We have still managed to spend lots of time in the garden.

Please remember to bring wellies and wet weathers.

The mud kitchen has produced yummy soups and cakes for us all to enjoy.

We have pretended to be pirates and searched for hidden treasure.

We always enjoy mark making with paint brushes dipped in water.

Sam found something exciting in the garden. He carefully moved it out of the path of the bikes and trikes and found it a safe spot on the grass.

Sometimes in the garden we can get a teeny tiny bit muddy …

Luckily, Tommy had plenty of spare clothes in his bag for him to change into after his little fall.

We found a good spot under the table to line up all of the cars. This traffic jam reached all the way into the hallway!!

We enjoyed building towers with Duplo blocks – we soon worked out that the tower needed to be held to keep it stable and steady.

We worked as a team - supporting the towers at different heights and soon were able to build a tower that almost reached the ceiling.

We have enjoyed lots of box modelling this week and made all sorts of amazing things to take home.

We also enjoyed drawing and making cards. We used stickers and collage bits to create some wonderful masterpieces.

Thank you for another fun filled week at The Acorns.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we will see you next week for more fun and games.

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