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Week beginning 24th June - Westmeston

Last Friday we had a lovely family walk in the sunshine with children and parents at Westmeston. We played games of hide and seek, climbed trees, counted rings on a tree stump and collected interesting finds in our basket. We hope the grown ups enjoyed seeing the woods where we explore and play.

Last week, we played games which required good listening and turn taking.

We also had a go at using a microphone to record our voices. It was fun to guess who was talking when we listened back to the recordings. We had to listen really carefully.

One of our favourite games over the week was a nature treasure hunt. We had to find natural objects to match the description on the card.

We practised following instructions on our bikes and scooters as well as we used road signs and traffic lights to create our own road system.

On Thursday, we had a tennis lesson at Plumpton Tennis Club where we had a go at lots of basic tennis skills. Again, we had to listen carefully to our coach and follow instructions. For many of us it was our first time playing tennis and we really enjoyed it. Our favourite game was 'Dodge'.

Friday was a beautifully sunny day and we had a great walk on the mountain where we did our usual climbing, exploring and digging. We even played a rescuing game using our walking rope.

Back at Acorns, we got creative using some simple pieces of guttering. We used it to roll balls and cars down, we used it to create ladders for bugs in the wooded area and, because it was so hot, we used it for a lot of water play.

The water also made a great car wash for some of our mucky diggers! The teachers were surprised to see how much we loved cleaning!

Some of us had a go at playing a large game of noughts and crosses. We had to think very carefully about where to put our noughts or crosses to win the game.

What a fun week in the sun!

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