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Week beginning 22nd April - Westmeston

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break. At the end of last term, we were sad to say goodbye to Mrs Booth. We gave her a wonderful send off with a special cake, cards, gifts and even a treasure hunt! She wanted to thank everybody for being so kind and generous and we know she'll miss us as much as we miss her.

We are very lucky to have Mrs Irwin at Westmeston now and we are joined by our wonderful new team member - Mrs Spencer - on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

We went for lots of lovely walks this week and had fun exploring the woods, climbing and collecting interesting things. We noticed that the daffodils are starting to disappear but the bluebells are growing in many shaded wooded areas around us.

Back at Westmeston, we spent a lot of time outside creating dens using all sorts of different equipment. We were very creative and resourceful.

On Friday, we worked as a team to put up a real tent. It was a very fun place to play and we even had a 'no teachers allowed' rule!

We had fun playing with some unusual musical instruments that Mrs Irwin brought to Westmeston.

And we had lots of fun with other outdoor equipment as well.

With the weather being dry, we were able to do some writing practise outside. Look how good we are getting at controlling our mark making.

What a fun first week back at nursery. Please remember that Westmeston Hall is being used as a polling station this Thursday so nursery will be closed. We look forward to seeing some extra faces this coming Friday.

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