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Week Beginning 21st January 2019 - Westmeston

We started the week off with icy puddles. We talked about how the ice happened and why it melted as we played in the sunshine. We enjoyed trying to break it up and collected up some of the pieces to take back with us. When we checked on them we discovered that they were no longer ice but water! How did that happen? We talked about safety on icy puddles because you don't know how deep the water is underneath the ice.

We sailed the seven seas with the pirate ship this week and we looked for treasure in sand. We saw lots of cooperation and sharing as everyone wanted a turn! We are getting pretty good at using sand timers to help us with our turn taking. We made treasure maps with Miss Vincent using a teabag wash to make them look old.

We played Pop up Pirate which always makes us jump when the pirate jumps up. Good turn taking with that game too.

Equipment boxes proved to be very useful for building with. We happily jumped up and down on the boxes afterwards so that they would fit in the recycling bin.

We used the cameras this week and Mrs Tubb helped us to look at our photos on the laptop. We are really good at taking photos! We understood that when the cameras stopped working it meant that the batteries had run out. Mrs Tubb helped us to replace them. She tried to recharge some of them as well.

On Friday's walk we saw some interesting fungi that looked like ears, conkers sprouting roots, plants growing and sheep but best of all was the large dead rat. There were lots of interesting observations. We noticed it's sharp teeth and long tail. One of us wanted to try and revive it! We soon noticed the smell and moved on.

We rounded off the week with story telling in a dark den but before that there was a very muddy re-enactment of the Three Billy Goats Gruff in the woods.

Florence brought her cymbals in to show us - they were very loud. We listened to some classical music and tried to work out what the instruments were.

Conker Sheep had a wonderful time at Sammy T's house and he is has now gone to Struan's house for the week!

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