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Week Beginning 3rd July - Westmeston

So much has happened this week and the sun keeps shining! We recorded a top temperature of 29.3 on Friday!

Rock Star Tuesday was a huge success which was made even more special by the wonderful gift of a PA system from Jemima's family. Thank you so much! All of us enjoyed singing into the microphone and being mini rock stars. It was also much appreciated by Mrs Irwin who ran the whole of Sports Day from the porch! A thoroughly useful gift that will be much used. Thank you again.

We learned that rock

stars are

essentially a

very healthy

bunch and we

made designer Rock Star Smoothies using fruit, milk and juice. Mrs Hilton and Miss Vincent brought in their special whizzy machines that made the fruit go all smooth and drinkable - yum!

We had special guests - Candy who made us glittery tattoos and somebody who looked a little like Mrs Irwin, although we weren't totally sure! They were great fun though!

Lochy brought in a keyboard that you could step on to play. Miss Edwards loved this and she even let us have a go!

We played on guitars and made our own cardboard guitars. In the afternoon we had a talent show. Everyone was a winner!

Wednesday was Sports Day. It was the best ever! We didn't

do all of the races as we felt it was getting a little hot. It was

lovely to picnic and chat with our friends. The special treat was the impromptu teacher's race at the end!

Thursday and Friday were less hectic. There was lots of free play and searching for lost things!

Matilda helped Miss Vincent blow her paddling pool up with her car! We then spent many happy hours splashing in the pool and skidding on tarpaulins. Miss Vincent may bring her pool again on Tuesday so please pop a swimming costume (named) in the bag or some very old clothes just in case it's very hot again! We also made pictures using special sun sensitive paper.

With the cut offs from Miss Edwards rock star ripped jeans we made charcloth after cooking our lunch.

Miss Vincent helped some of us to lay a dead mole to rest. We drew pictures to decorate his grave. We talked about what happens when animals die.

Conker Sheep has gone home with Clara for the holidays. We'll see you in a few months Conker Sheep, have fun!

On a serious note, a few of our parents have been looking for lost items such as hats, trousers and PE bags. While we do have a lost property bag which is thankfully getting smaller, it is partly the responsibility of the children to help to look after their own belongings. Westmeston is a huge place and we really might not find things until the Autumn when the leaves fall of the bushes and trees! Please could you help us by checking your children's bags to see if anything has been accidently placed in the wrong bag. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe in the sunshine!

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