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Week Beginning 19th February - Westmeston

It was great to see everyone back this week! We hope that you had a lovely break.

We have been enjoying the sights, the sounds and the smells of the counrtryside as the farmer spread slurry over the field next to us! It was very stinky. The seagulls seemed to like it though. There were lots of them in the field picking off the worms that came up out of the ground. We tried to count the seagulls but there were too many and we got stuck at 17! Sammy looked at them and said that "They should be at the pier!" We decided that the seagulls would fly back to the beach later on. It provoked a lot of discussion!

We have been trying hard to put our coats, wet weathers, gloves and hats on this week. Much needed in the chilly wind. Please can you help us at home to try and do this by ourselves. The more we practise, the better we get and it makes us feel very proud when we can do things all on our own.

We have been talking about technology. We have been playing with toys that need batteries and working out how to play with them. We really enjoyed listening to the book of bird songs again and we are learning very quickly now how to match up the numbers of the birds to the song. We have talked about the internet and Ipads and Alexa! We use Ipads to download games but we are beginning to understand that we can find information from the internet as well. We must always remember to stay safe and to make sure that a grown up helps us. We will be talking about safety over the coming weeks.

On Friday we used lots of tools to make fairy furniture.

We sawed through smooth sycamore poles, judging when we were half way through and then right the way through. We then used a knife and a mallet to split the wood half way down. We used sand paper to smooth the wood. We tried to make fairy tables as well but it was too hard to drill. We will try a different way next week as we learn through trial and error what works best! As we worked we looked at the heartwood and the rings. We could see knots in the wood where the little branches would grow.

On walks this week we have been trying to find shelter from the wind and discovered that it was really warm in the sunshine!

We collectively agreed by Friday that it would be best to avoid splashing too much in the puddles as some of the muddier ones actually ate our wellies!

We were excited to hear about Conker Sheep's sleepover at Johann's house and really enjoyed reading the diary entry that big sister Caitlin wrote. I wonder where Conker Sheep will go next?

Please can you help us to remember to bring hats, gloves and scarves especially while the cold snap continues. There are some spares but not enough for everyone! Wrap up warm everybody, there's another chilly week ahead!

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