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Week Beginning 27th November 2017- Westmeston

We have been very busy and creative with our preparations for Christmas and we are almost word perfect with the Christmas concert songs. Thank you so much for helping us to practise them at home and in the car!

We helped to sort out Christmas decorations and we decorated a garage pretending it was a tree.

We listened to the story of Hansel and Gretel. The younger children were treated to a “Guess the Character” game devised by the older girls. It was great fun and the children loved it!

We looked at different animals and their poos (made from playdoh – very life like!) and talked about what they would eat and where we might find them. We looked for tracks and we found horses, bikes and tractors.

We have enjoyed marshmallows and hot chocolate.

The Westmeston children received a letter from an elf called Jolly Twinkle Toes. He is counting

down the days until Christmas by choosing some of us every day to put an advent bauble on his tree.

We are very excited that there will be a visit to Westmeston Church on the Tuesday 12th of December for the children attending on that day. The local Parish Youth Officer has arranged for us to make Christingles and to sing a few of the songs that we have been learning. Parents are welcome to join us on our trip and we will be getting ready to walk up to the church at 10.15. Please ask staff for details if you would like to join us.

We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Concerts. Please look out for the end of term details.

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