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Week Beginning 30th October 2017 - Westmeston

Welcome back everybody to the final run up to Christmas. We have had such a lovely start to the week with the grounds full of crunchy fallen leaves. We have been ploughing through them with our bikes and scooters and sweeping them with our witchy brooms.

We have had a spooky Halloween with witches, dinosaurs, ghosts and lions! We have followed

spooky trails. We found strange but interesting objects hidden

all over the place. There were eyeballs, bones and spiders just

waiting to be discovered. We made spells and sped around on broomsticks. We turned pumpkins in to small world houses – homes fit for spiders!

Thinking of Bonfire Night and Fireworks, Mrs Hilton made “Edible” sparklers with us. We coated breadsticks in melted chocolate then covered them in sprinkles. They looked very realistic and tasted yummy. Miss Edwards showed us how to hold a real sparkler carefully. We read the

instructions and we talked about children only holding sparklers if they are with a grown up. Sparklers can be very hot and after they are used they should be put in a bucket of water.

We did an experiment with Miss Vincent to see whether vinegar and baking soda like each other. It turned out that they didn't and they made lots of cross bubbles. With a little help from Bert the balloon we discovered that the bubbles created gas that made it grow!

We found a very good use for some of the yummy, juicy left over carrots. We made carrot cake of course! We weighed the ingredients using scales, we grated the carrots using a grater and practised saying new words such as creaming and beating. We all had a go at cracking the eggs. We used a lovely spice called cinnamon which we used again with our toffee apples.

Well, the toffee applies didn’t quite go to plan but it’s good for us to see that things do not always work out as we want them too. We still enjoyed eating the apples and licked the cinnamon sugar off. Some of us didn’t like It and so we washed it off first in a bucket of water. We discovered that apples float. We managed to make a few toffee apples and it was interesting to see how the heat made the apple easy to peel. The heat also made the sugar bubble and stick together and we understood that it was very hot and we had to wait for it to cool.

We had such a wonderful time in the woods. We did lots of tree hugging and climbing and we discovered some really good branches to swing on and to relax on! We talked about the animals that may be hiding in the leaves and under piles of wood. We thought that it would be a good idea to check in bonfires before they are lit in case there are animals such as hedgehogs sleeping inside.

We hope that you have a lovely bonfire night and enjoy any parties or displays that you may be going to. Keep warm and be careful. We'll see you next week.

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