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Week commencing 25th September 2017 - Lindfield.

It has been a busy week here at The Acorns in Lindfield.

Our focus this week has been Physical Development – Moving and Handling.

On Monday a group of children went out for a walk. It was a wet soggy day so wet weathers and welly boots were a must. The children noticed that some of the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colour. They had fun searching for muddy puddles to splash in.

Free collage with leaves – the children made some beautiful autumn pictures with pretty leaves that Mrs Booth had pressed and dried.

The children brought items in for our Harvest week display.

We have quite a collection of peppers, potatoes, apples, courgettes and carrots. Thank you to everyone who brought something in for us to share.

Elodie brought in some apples from a tree in her garden and she told Miss Whale “I have loads of apples in my garden. I have cooking ones and eating ones.”

Elodie pointed to her apples and told us , “They are eating apples, I think we could have had them at snack time.”

On Tuesday we had a pottery session with Jane for the younger children. They really enjoyed exploring the clay and using their hands as tools to mould the clay into shapes. Can you guess what they made?

We spent a lot of time in the garden. The children practised balancing on the low wall, climbing up the pirate ship, hopping and catching balls.

The teachers made an obstacle course for the children to follow around the garden. They noticed that after doing lots of exercise they felt hot and needed to have a drink and take their jumpers off to help them cool down.

Hunter brought something very special to show us. He had spent the weekend in Scotland and had taken part in an organised fun run. He told Miss Cheyne, "I did run very fast and I was the winner."

Well done Hunter. What a star !

On Wednesday we enjoyed exploring fine motor movements. We played with play dough and used peg boards.

We constructed with duplo, sticklebricks and magnetic shapes.

On Thursday we made some super cool pictures! Miss Reay gave the children a paper plate and a salad spinner. They put the plate inside and then dribbled some paint in and then the fun part started – they had to wind the handle as fast as they could and as the plate spun round it made a wonderful pattern with the paint.

Whilst in the garden some children came running to Mrs Davies to tell her they had found a snake.

“It’s a real snake Mrs Davies.”

“Don’t touch it.”

“It will bite you really bad.”

Mrs Davies initially thought they might have found a worm, but after several children came over to tell her about the snake she went to investigate.

When she moved the wooden toadstool she saw it! It looked like a real snake! She told the children to stand back and she used a twig to prod the snake. It didn’t move so she tried again and again. On closer inspection she realised it was a piece of rope. She pulled it up from the ground and the children all fell around laughing. It was hilarious.

On Thursday evening we held an informal parents night for new parents. It was lovely to see so many people turn up and we hope that you enjoyed and found it an informative evening. Thank you for your support.

On Friday morning we had a very special visitor. Jill the librarian from Haywards Heath Library came in to share some stories with us. The children sat still and listened very carefully to her stories. One of the stories she read was about animals on a farm – it was a pop up book – everyone really enjoyed it and the children joined in making the animal noises.

Next week our focus is Understanding the World – People and Communities.

letter of the week will be 'N'

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