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Week commencing 4th September 2017 - Lindfield.

Welcome back!

We hope that everyone has had a wonderful break over the summer and is feeling excited about the new term – It’s a busy term with lots of exciting things planned.

It has been lovely to hear the children’s stories about the fabulous adventures they have been on during the holidays. Everyone appears to have had lots of fun!

We have made a display of postcards from all around the world – Please remember to send us one if you go on holiday so we can add it to our display.

We have welcomed lots of new children to The Acorns this week and we have all tried hard to help make them feel very welcome.

The new children are settling in well and have enjoyed exploring their new nursery and making new friends.

We have spent lots of time in the garden - We have been outside everyday playing on the pirate ship, climbing frame and in the mud kitchen and play house.

We were amazed to see how much the plants and vegetables have grown over the summer months.

We have picked runner beans each day and had them with our lunch. They are so tasty!

The tomato plants were full of bright red juicy tomatoes which we enjoyed at snack time.

The children were excited to tell us about the things that they were growing in their own gardens.

“I have a giant beanstalk.”

“We did have rhubarb in a crumble.”

“I gotted some tomatoes from my garden.”

We have been busy with art and craft activities – Cutting and sticking, stamping and printing. We did some amazing paintings which we will hang on the door for everyone to see.

Next week our focus is Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Self confidence and Self Awareness.

The letter of the week will be ‘K’

We will be practising fire drills each day.

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