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Week commencing 10th July 2017 - Lindfield.

Our focus this week has been Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

It’s the last week of term and it has been an emotional time for us all as we say goodbye to the children who will be leaving us to move onto primary school.

We will miss them very much but are beaming with pride as we look back over their time with us at The Acorns and see how much they have achieved.

The children got to take home their observation books together with their special poems. We hope they will enjoy looking at them at home and remembering all the fun times they had with us.

This week we have been having lots of fun - we have had so many amazing activities on offer.

On Monday we watched from the window as 2 birds made a nest. They gathered up lots of tiny twigs and flew up into the wisteria. It was really interesting to see the birds hard at work building a home.

On Tuesday we enjoyed a painting and printing activity with Miss Reay.

The colours we used were so bright and beautiful.

We made Jam tarts with Mrs Davies and Mrs Irwin gave us some of her homemade jam to use for the filling. They were super yummy and we all got to take one home.

The letter of the week is ‘J’

“Jam starts with a J.”

On Wednesday Miss Cheyne had brought something in for us to explore. It was green wobbly jelly. We made it together with hot water and added a special green powder. It took a few minutes to set so we had to wait patiently.

We hid some dinosaurs inside and the children used their hands to dig them out of the slimy jiggly jelly.

“J is for Jelly.”

We spent time outside in the garden playing in the mud kitchen and play house. We watered the plants and flowers, checking to see how tall our sunflower had grown.

We spent time washing our toys in the water tray with soapy water - they are all nice and clean and ready for the new term.

Arwen found some exciting things growing –runner beans and fine green beans. We picked a few and Miss Nagy cooked them for our lunch. They were really tasty.

We made hand print ninja turtles on Wednesday afternoon, they turned out so well that we continued making them on Thursday. The children gave their turtles great names and talked about the special powers they had.

"Dimmy Dodge the ninja turtle." "Rosie the ninja turtle." "Handy the ninja turtle." "Barbara the ninja turtle."

Its been a great week and we have had so much fun together.

Tomorrow is a special day as we are all going to Westmeston.

The children who are leaving The Acorns to go to school are having a party (2pm - 4pm)

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Holiday Fun!

Its not too late to book, please speak to a staff member or call us.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

Best wishes to all of our leavers - please come and see us in your uniform and let us know how you are getting on.

Autumn Term starts on 4th September 2017.

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