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Week commencing 19th June 2017 - Lindfield.

This week we focused on Understanding the World – The World.

On Monday a group of children went out for a walk – they stopped and stared at the world around them and spent time looking at leaves, trees, cars passing by and house numbers.

They enjoyed some time at the Pickers Green play park, exploring the apparatus and play equipment.

The children who stayed at The Acorns did some baking with Mrs Davies.

They weighed out the flour and butter, cracked some eggs and spooned in some sugar before all taking turns to stir and mix the ingredients together. They made enough fairy cakes for everyone to take one home. They were yummy!

On Tuesday morning when Miss Cheyne arrived she noticed a tiny bird sitting on the door step into the garden. It was very still and she thought it might be poorly. She opened the door slowly and it didn’t fly away – She poured some water onto the step and the bird had a little drink. When Edie arrived the bird was still there. “Is it dead?” “Maybe it’s hurt?” “Can you pick it up?” Miss Cheyne thought it might have flown into the window and was a bit stunned. All of a sudden the tiny bird shook its feathers and off it flew. We were so happy to see it fly away.

A group of children had a pottery session with Jane. They used their hands as tools to flatten out the cold clay and to mould it into sun shapes. We can’t wait to see them when they come back from being fired in the kiln. The children worked so hard on them.

We have a lot of children on holiday this week and many more are beginning to talk about their summer holidays.

“I am going to France, we will stay in a big hotel with a swimming pool.”

“I did went on a plane to my holiday.”

We made postcards and the children drew amazing pictures on the front and told the teachers what to write on the back.

It was such a hot day and the children were feeling a bit flustered but they were delighted when Mrs Davies brought them all an ice lolly as a treat to help cool them down. The other teachers were happy too!

On Wednesday we spent lots of time in the garden, we went on a mini beast hunt searching for bugs and spiders. We found a worm and a centipede. How many legs does a centipede have?

Miss Nagy set up a lovely reading area in the shade with cushions and rugs. We shared lots of stories together.

On Thursday a group of children went out for an early walk to the park. When they got there the skies were blue and the sun was shining – it was a beautiful day. Then somebody heard a rumbling sound … Thunder!

They decided to head straight back to The Acorns to try and beat the rain but didn’t get far before it started to pour. The children were dressed in shorts, sandals and sunhats. Not a pair of wellies or a rain coat in sight! They had to take cover in someone’s driveway that had a covered carport. It was raining so much that huge puddles were forming on the street. Mrs Davies knocked on the door of the home owner to explain that we were just waiting for the rain to pass and the kind lady was excited to see the children and told us that her granddaughter goes to Westmeston.

Although it was raining the children noticed that it was still hot. When the rain finally stopped they all headed back to nursery. They were so full of stories and were excited to tell everyone about their thunder storm walk. It really was quite an adventure!

One child who was looking out the window when it was raining said to Miss Whale “Its raining outside, the rain will make the flowers go up, up, up.”

We tried to recreate the sound of thunder by building towers with wooden blocks and knocking them over.

After all the thunder, it turned out to be nice and dry again in the afternoon and the children enjoyed painting in the garden using beautiful bright colours.

On Friday the children got crafty, they used ink pads and paints to make prints on their paper.

It was much cooler so they spent lots of time in the garden and helped Miss Cheyne to water the plants and flowers.

They played in the water and sand tray and sailed to faraway lands on the pirate ship.

It’s been an excellent week.

Next week we will be focusing on Physical Development – Moving and Handling.

It’s the leavers P.E week so please remember to bring your kit in so we can practise getting ready.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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