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Week commencing 5th June 2017 - Lindfield.

We hope you all had a lovely half term break and it was great to see so many of you at Village Day.

The children looked amazing in their costumes and Darcy & Jenny had done a great job of decorating the float. It was shiny and sparkly.

It was very exciting to ride in the trailer and to wave to all the people who lined the streets.

We were very pleased because we came second and won a rosette. Mrs Irwin was so happy!

This week we focussed on Literacy - Reading.

We offered lots of opportunities for the children to look at books and to share stories.

Some children brought special books in from home which we enjoyed reading together in groups.

Its been Fire Drill week and each day we have practised what to do in an emergency.

The fire alarm is very loud!

When we hear the alarm we have to stop playing and listen carefully to our teachers who tell us what to do next. We go outside and count everyone to make sure we are all safe.

We enjoyed an exciting explorers walk with Mrs Booth on Monday. We were given some spotter cards and had to search for things that matched the colours on our cards.

We found yellow flowers, brown twigs, green grass ...

We really enjoyed the challenge.

Throughout the week some children made their own story books.

We used a stapler to join together pieces of paper and counted the pages.

We asked the teachers to start our books by drawing some pictures and we coloured them in and then we took over and drew our own pictures.

We told the teachers what to write on each page to tell our story.

We learned that the person who writes the story is called the Author and the person who draws the pictures is called the illustrator.

We have spent a lot of time in the garden this week and we observed how tall our plants and vegetables had grown. Our celery plant was taller than us!

Isabella's daddy came in and kindly helped us to prune it back.

We worked together as a good team to put all of the cuttings into a big trug which we then emptied into the garden rubbish bin.

It was exciting to be back at nursery school and to settle back into our routines.

We have welcomed some new children this week and have been excited to make new friends.

Next week we will focus on Expressive Arts and Design - Media and Materials.

Please bring in any junk you have at home for us to model with.

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