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Week commencing 22nd May 2017 - Lindfield.

This week we focused on Mathematics – Space, Shape and Measure.

We offered exciting activities each day for the children to enjoy.

On Monday the children who went out for a walk tried very hard to fly a kite, they looked at the shape of the kite and measured its tail. There wasn’t much wind so it wasn’t as successful as planned but the children had so much fun trying to get the kite off the ground.

The children who stayed at The Acorns enjoyed time in the garden, they played with sand, filling and emptying buckets and tubs. Measuring how much sand they would need to fill a bucket.

Some children planted sunflower seeds, estimating how tall they might grow. "It will be as tall as my daddy!"

The letter of the week has been ‘Dd’ and the children helped us to stick the door display up.

Can you spot what they did?

On Tuesday half of the children had a pottery session with Jane. They used their hands as tools to mould the clay into the shape of bumble bees. They made tiny wings and talked about the bumble bees that are busy buzzing around in the garden. “They got stripes, they can fly.” “I have honey on my toast.” “They have 2 wings.”

We looked at different ways of finding out how tall and long our construction models were and used rulers and tape measures.

On Wednesday we were busy printing with shapes, we used brightly coloured paint. Our pictures are fabulous!

We also did some sticky collage pictures, choosing to stick different coloured and sized shapes onto our paper. We named the shapes as we stuck them down.

We also did some shape baking. Mrs Davies helped us to make shortbread and to cut it out into different shapes. We had stars, circles, hearts, hexagons and squares.

We spent lots of time in the garden, it’s been super sunny this week and we have enjoyed sand play, water play, chalking on the big board & playing on the pirate ship.

The play house is a cool shady space for us to go when it gets a bit hot and there are some comfy cushions and books in there to help us relax.

We have enjoyed yummy snacks of fresh fruits. We have had melon, fresh pineapple, nectarines peaches and a whole tray of beautiful berries. We are hoping to grow some strawberries in our garden.

On Thursday we were busy preparing for Village Day which is on Saturday 3rd June. We are hoping you will all come along to support our float. We will meet at Pickers Green and join the procession down to the common. There will be a float that the children can ride on or they can walk alongside. The theme this year is ‘Strictly Lindfield.’

We had an exciting outing to Plumpton Tennis Club on Thursday morning. We practised throwing and hitting the tennis balls and Sorin, the tennis coach taught us how to hold our racquets properly. It was very hot so we had lots of drink breaks and afterwards we enjoyed some treats.

Thank you to all the parents who supported this outing.

On Friday we had fun in the sun again. The garden has been full of activities. Chalking, painting, digging and seed planting. We have sailed the seas on the pirate ship and were careful not to be eaten by crocodiles. We also searched the trees for koala bears.

Lots of laughter, lots of fun and lots of learning!

Enjoy half term and we look forward to seeing you soon and hearing about your adventures.

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