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Week Commencing 1st May 2017- Westmeston

We hope that you had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend! This week we explored our Personal and Social Development focussing on Managing Feelings and Behaviour. We practised being kind, polite and thoughtful. We thought of some rules that would be good to have in the nursery and

made some signs.

We continued with our Police role play extending the play to include crime scenes! We used magnifying glasses to look for clues such as foot prints. We made E-Fit pictures with Miss Vincent using various noses, eyes and mouths. It was very funny.

Out in the woods we used magnifying glasses to look closely at plants, bark and small creatures. We found lots of holes to peer into. We found out this

week that one of the tracks we saw last week was probably a badger by identifying it’s poo on a

poo spotter chart. On Thursday, we had a real treat! We spent the day at Wilbur’s house because the Hall was being used as a Polling Station. We played in the beautiful garden under the apple blossom. We did a spot of fishing on a football pitch as well as playing football. We played in a bamboo forest. We then went for a walk on Chailey Common after a lovely picnic lunch. We couldn't resist

an opportunity for some mark making in a lovely patch of dirt. Thank you so much Wilbur for sharing your home and your toys with us. We look forward to visiting you again later in the year!

On Friday, Miss Nagy came to play. We looked at our

fingerprints and saw how different they all were. We made Gruffalo faces out of felt and wool. We were also very excited to see Jenny from Middleton Manor taking the puppies for a walk. We learned that they were 5 months old. We were very gentle when we were allowed to stroke them. We do know that we mustn't stroke strange dogs unless the owner says that they are friendly. Our Police role play continues next week with speed cameras and road play!

The letter of the week is Bb. Our focus next week is Communication and Language - Understanding. See you next week!

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