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Week Commencing 24th April - Westmeston

Welcome back everybody! We have had such a lovely week. Many new children have started, some from our lovely Lindfield setting and some from other places. We are making them welcome and are showing them around. The weather has been beautiful and sunny with a little bit of a chilly wind. There are lovely bluebells in the woodland which are just perfect to hide in.

We have had lots of fun with our role play Police Station. We have been taking down notes in our

notebooks and talking on walkie talkies.

On Tuesday, Mrs Irwin came for the day. We had fish for lunch and we were fascinated to see what was inside a real fish. We learnt lots of new words such as ‘aspic’ and ‘backbone’.

We played with little boats with number sails to test our number recognition and did some watercolour painting.

On Wednesday we went to the woods. On the way we spotted tracks in the grass and looked for clues to see who they might belong to, in fact, we spent the whole journey looking for clues. In the woods we used mallets to bash leaves onto cloth so that the imprint of the leaf would be left behind. We found the best leaves to use were dock leaves. Then we played. We have to look out for stinging nettles now as the woods are becoming very green with leaves and plants.

We have been making yummy dinners with mud, leaves and water and we have been helping to make the real dinners too by peeling carrots and other vegetables.

We practised our cutting skills by using scissors to cut slippery, slimy pasta

On Friday Miss Nagy came to play and we showed the new children our path up the mountain. There were still lots of cowslips growing. We found several broken eggs and we were keen to find out

what they were. We looked in a book of birds eggs to try and identify them. We also wondered whether they had hatched? Or had they been eaten?

We saw that the sheep in the fields next to us had given birth to lambs over Easter. One lamb was sitting on it's mummy's back! We had to be very quiet so that we could creep up and look at it. Some of us are better at creeping than others!

We are really looking forward to our outing to Wilbur’s house on Thursday 4th May. Sorry but this is for the Thursday children only because of the Hall being closed on Polling Day. We would like to thank Wilbur’s Mummy and Daddy very much for putting so much effort into our visit.

We will be starting the reading again next week and next week’s letter of the week will be Aa. Please remember to fill in and bring back your All About Me forms if you have not already done so. Thank you!

See you next week!

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