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Week commencing 24th April 2017 - Lindfield.

Welcome to the Summer Term!

We have had such a lovely week listening to the children’s stories about the adventures they had over the Easter break. It sounds like everyone had a lovely time.

We spent most of Monday outdoors; some of the children went for a walk to the nature reserve whilst others played in the garden. The children who visited the reserve went in search of the tadpoles.

On the way to the reserve a passer-by beckoned us over to the pond to look at something very special. There was a mummy duck and 7 baby ducklings.

Sadly when the children got to the reserve they found that the water had all dried up and the tadpoles had died. We all felt a bit sad about that but a lovely lady walked by and told us that she had managed to save some of the tadpoles. She noticed that the water was beginning to dry up because of the hot sun so she took them home to her own pond.

The children who stayed at Acorns enjoyed a craft session before spending time outdoors in the garden. We made some fabulous hand prints pictures and did some finger printing.

On Tuesday we had a pottery session with Jane. We made some ducks, using our hands to mould the clay into the shapes. We talked about the different colours of feathers that ducks have and most of the children knew that a baby duck was called a duckling.

In the afternoon, we were busy in the garden making it look beautiful. We did some planting, weeding and digging.

Mrs Irwin has asked us to help take care of all of the flowers and plants in the garden. We have some watering cans and there is a water butt which collects the rain water for us to use. We looked carefully at the herb garden and tried to identify the different herbs by rubbing the leaves and then smelling our fingers. “Mint makes our fingers smell nice but sage is a bit whiffy.”

On Wednesday and Thursday we were busy with arts and crafts. We made some lovely new displays for the nursery and have painted pictures for a display that will be in the library.

Some children went for a walk whilst others spent time in the garden. We have been learning to identify flowers and plants. We have a beautiful wisteria growing in the garden, it has purple petals.

On Friday we made a huge train track that stretched all around the hallway. We made some sticky collage pictures and spent time in the garden.

Next week we will be focusing on Personal, Social and Emotional Development – We will be observing how the children manage their feelings and behaviours.

The letter of the week will be ‘Aa'

Please remember to bring back your ‘This is how I look now’ forms.

Date for your diary - Sunday 7th May - Open day at The Acorns in Lindfield. 10.30am -12 noon.

The children have been practising songs for the concert which will take place at 10.45am.

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