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Week Commencing 3rd April - Westmeston

What a wonderful week leading up to the Easter Break.

We have been concentrating on Maths this week and we have been counting, matching, sorting and doing all things mathematical.

We played a brilliant parking game with us having to match numbers of dots to numerals. Sounds tricky but we were very good! Oscar turned his bike into a motor bike with a piece of cardboard – clever!

Miss Edwards was full of energy this week. We played

volleyball with dice and did some high jumping, measuring how high we could jump. Christopher and Miss Edwards jumped the highest.

We read the traditional story of the Elves and the Shoemaker. We noticed that the shoes came in pairs and we talked about other things that come in pairs like pyjamas, glasses and socks.

We have been playing with dice and dominoes, matching numeral and quantity. We counted the

dots on ladybirds as we sat outside in the sunshine – real ones and paper ones!

We have painted Easter eggs both cardboard and real, with Wilbur peeling his egg to see what was inside!

Miss Vincent played a guessing game with us. We had to count how many chicks were in the eggs and match it to the numeral.

Mrs Hilton helped us to make yummy chocolate Easter nests with eggs.

We have done some gardening and helped to spread some woodchip and plant potatoes.

Friday, the last day of term, wouldn’t have been complete without a trip up the mountain! The views were amazing, we went higher than ever! The cars on the road below us looked tiny and so did the sheep and cows. We looked through a telescope to see if things looked any bigger. We blew bubbles off down the hillside, big ones and little ones and wondered where they would end up when we couldn’t see them anymore. Fabian suggested it could be India! All in all a fabulous week ending with fabulous weather.

Conker Sheep came back from Ollie’s house only to whizz off to Isabella and Sam’s house for Easter. His little red feet hardly touched the ground before he was off again. I hope Conker Sheep doesn’t eat too many Easter Eggs!

We sadly said goodbye to Christopher and Joshua this week and wish them luck for the next stage of their learning journey but look forward to welcoming new friends next term.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter full of sunshine and chocolate!

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