Week commencing 3rd April 2017 - Lindfield.

This week we are focusing on Mathematics – Number.

It is also Easter craft week.

On Monday a group of children went to visit the nature reserve to check on the tadpoles. We wondered if they would have grown legs or even changed into frogs but they were still wiggly wriggly tadpoles swimming around. They had grown and were a bit bigger and their tails were a bit longer than before.

We made a new friend, William the worm. The children took turns to hold him and he wiggled in their hands.

We have been busy making Easter cards all week. We used a potato to make a print on our card and then added eyes, a beak and some feathers to make Easter chicks.

We made Easter nests, weighing and measuring the ingredients and counting out the chocolate eggs to put on top.

On Tuesday we continued with our cards and baking and we also did lots of number work. We had fun with the number blocks and beanbags - it was hard work trying to put them into the correct order.

We checked on our tadpoles in the garden and brought them in for the tank to be cleaned.

Arwen is going to take the tadpoles home for the holidays and look after them. We are excited to see what they look like when we come back to The Acorns.

On Wednesday we did lots of counting. We counted in English, Hungarian and French. Please can we practice with you at home.

We had fun in the garden counting how many steps we could take and how many flowers we could find. We tried hard to identify some new flowers that are growing. Do you know what they are?

On Thursday we made some decoupage eggs with Miss Nagy. We cut up Easter napkins and used a special glue to stick them onto our eggs. They look so pretty and we are very proud of them.

We counted out the cups at snack time and helped to set the table for lunch, counting how many knives and forks we needed.

On Friday we finished off our Easter crafts, we did sticking, painting, baking and making! It was a very busy day.

We played in the sunshine, enjoying the mud kitchen, pirate ship and water play.

We hope you have a wonderful break over the Easter holidays and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures when we come back on Monday 24th April.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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