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Week Commencing 27th March - Westmeston

This week we concentrated on the Literacy – Writing area of learning. We have been mark making on a large scale by painting on sheets and we have been practising writing our names using mud, paint and invisible ink made from lemon juice.

We have been using tongs to pick up and sort small pretend eggs to help us practise our pencil grip. We have used sticks for mark making and fishing.

Our traditional story this week was The Elves and the Shoemaker and we enjoyed making a shoe shop in the role play area.

On Tuesday the weather was lovely and warm. We took our reading outside, only to be distracted by a ladybird!

We played with small world figures outside among the flowers.

We did mono printing. We used a roller to spread paint onto a mirror then used our fingers to draw. We then laid some paper on top to make a print. We enjoyed mixing the colours and the resulting pictures looked amazing.

We went for a lovely walk on Thursday. We found some puddles and painted with mud!

We used paintbrushes on this occasion but we will happily use sticks if that’s all there is around. We saw lots of interesting things as well – spider webs in holes, a dead pheasant and lots of animal trails.

Thursday was like spring. We played in the tent outside. Some of us took our wellies off and forgot to put them back on again it was so lovely and warm. We looked at the flowers growing in the grounds and collected celandines and dandelions. We played so nicely together and we were able to do our reading outside again.

We turned the mud kitchen pots and pans into musical instruments and made our own band!

On Friday we went for a walk to the woods. On the way we used nature spotter sheets to help us find daisies, violets, celandines and milkmaids. In pairs, we had to note how many we saw by drawing a mark next to each flower on the sheet. We found quite a few and we noticed that there were more celandines than any other flower. We saw many other spring flowers starting to bloom as well! We were so excited when we found the flowers that we were looking for. We saw lots of insects too. Amber said that a bumblebee brushed her check and that it felt like a "teddy bear"! In the woods we enjoyed running around and climbing over branches. We left some food for the birds before we left to say sorry for disturbing them with our noisy play!

Conker Sheep is still resting at Ollie's house after a very exciting trip to London Zoo. We are looking forward to hearing all about it!

Next week is the last week before the Easter Holidays. We will be doing Easter crafts. The letter of the week will be Xx. The focus of the week will be on Maths – Number. There are lots of fun activities planned for us. We can’t wait!

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