Week commencing 27th March 2017 - Lindfield.

Our focus this week has been Literacy – Writing.

On Monday the sun was shining and we enjoyed lots of time outdoors. A group of children went out for a lovely long walk, while others played in the garden.

The children who went walking visited Scrase Valley Nature Reserve and they had a fabulous time. They looked for frog spawn but ended up finding lots of tadpoles instead. They were so wriggly! They saw many pretty flowers on their adventure too. Some children were able to identify them. “That’s a daisy.” Mrs Booth showed the children some flowers called celandines - they are little yellow flowers that look a bit like buttercups. The children watched a Peacock butterfly laying eggs on a leaf. It was amazing!

We did lots of free drawing, writing and some children traced their names. We are learning how to hold our pencils correctly and form the letters in our names.

There are lots of different ways to make marks and today we enjoyed using sticks in the mud.

On Tuesday the children got messy in the shaving foam tray. They used paint brushes to make marks and write letters in the foam. It was great fun and an activity you could easily try at home.

We had lots of garden time in the sunshine and enjoyed water play. We used wet paint brushes on the bench and paving slabs to make pictures and write letters. After a few minutes of the sun shining the pictures disappeared. “It’s just like magic.”

On Wednesday, Arwen brought us in something very special – a tadpole tank with lots of wriggly tadpoles inside. We were so excited to watch them swimming around. She also brought us a tadpole care pack with lots of tadpole food and tips on how to look after them. “When they turn into frogs they will jump out of the tank. Boing! Boing!” Thank you to Arwen and her family for sharing this experience with us.

On Thursday we made our own wraps for lunch with Mrs Irwin. We carefully followed a recipe - using chick pea flour, oil and water to make a dough. We used rolling pins to roll out our wraps and Mrs Irwin cooked them for us. We got to choose what to put in them from egg mayo, bacon, cous cous, cucumber, cheese and peppers. YUMMY!

Some of the children went out for a walk and visited the park at Pickers Green. They spotted something very exciting in the car park.

On Friday we welcomed a new child for her settling in session. She joined us for snack and some outdoor play. We look forward to making lots of new friends when the new term arrives.

We played lots of mark making games and enjoyed time in The Acorns Office (role play) writing letters and putting them into envelopes.

We checked on our tadpoles and they were swimming around happily.

Next week we will be focussing on Mathematics - Number.

We will also be doing lots of Easter crafts.

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