Week Commencing 20th March - Westmeston

This week has been noticeably colder with a chilly wind in the sunshine and lots of rain at times! We have been very busy making Mother’s Day Gifts to show our love and appreciation. We hope you like them! Some of us made cards as well. We worked hard with our writing.

To make the gifts we safely used a junior hack saw and a pyrography pen. The pen got so hot that it made smoke on the balsa wood! We used a ruler to measure the size of the blocks. We talked about safety and helped to risk assess the activity. We have designed the pattern or picture. We tried really hard to write the word “Mum”. We carefully listened to and followed instructions but the most important thing is that we were been very proud of our achievements.

This week’s focus has been on Physical Development – Health and Self Care. We have been putting our coats on by ourselves and trying to do the zips up. Many of us have mastered the art of zipping our coats this week! We have been talking about the reasons why we need to wash our hands. Miss Vincent taught us a rather catchy song about hand washing. Maybe we could sing it for you.

We had lots of fun playing a rhyming version of Kim’s Game.

Some of us went out for a very splashy walk in the rain on Wednesday! We jumped into the puddles and experimented with seeing if things like pine cones, sticks and Jude’s boat floated. Not all of us liked to be splashed so we are learning to be aware of what our friends are thinking and feeling.

We have been doing exercises and observing how our bodies feel afterwards. We have noticed that we get puffed out, our heart beats faster and we get thirsty. We could feel our hearts beating by putting our hands on our chests. Miss Edwards helped to listen to our hearts with a stethoscope. Hiking up the mountain on Friday in the sunshine made us very hot and we wanted to take our coats off.

We were face painted for Red Nose Day.

On Friday, we heard a story called Marvin Wanted More by Joseph Theobald. It was about a small sheep that wanted to be bigger, so he ate and ate and ate. It was very funny and it made us think that maybe we shouldn’t eat too much. Up on the mountain we found wool and then we saw some sheep and we wondered if one of them was Marvin. This prompted a lot of role play and lots of us pretended we were sheep.

A very exciting thing happened when we out. A glider whooshed by low over our heads! It was so quiet that it took us by surprise! Harry said that it nearly touched his head! (Luckily it didn’t!) We had an interesting discussion about gliders, thermals and wind. We waited patiently and it came round again, there were two.

Miss Nagy came to play on Friday and she brought her special healthy eating game with her which we played on Friday afternoon. Thank you Miss Nagy.

Next week the focus will be on Literacy – Writing and the letter of the week will be Ww.

We hope you have a lovely Mother's Day.

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