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Week Commencing 13th March - Westmeston

We have had some beautiful spring days this week and we have been making the most of being outside. We even had to take our coats off because it was so warm!

We have been finding our names and using pegs to keep our wellies tidy and we have been practising writing our names. We enjoyed playing with the magnetic letters which we stuck all over one of the heaters (which was off because it was so warm). We even made up a few words!

We have been doing lots of activities requiring good listening and attention. We have been listening at Carpet Time, Story Time and during Show and Tell. We enjoyed having Miss Vincent’s special friend, Talking Tim to help us to take turns at listening to each other.

We have been using tools which require very good concentration and listening to rules to keep us safe.

When we were playing outside we listened to the many birds singing and pretended that we were birds. Some of us tried to sit in the trees like birds. We learned a little bit about blue tits and we looked at a real nest. We saw that it was made up of bracken, moss and feathers. The children made some more nests of their own to hatch out pine cone eggs.

On the lookout for nests, Mrs Butcher showed us a nest being made by a magpie in the tree near our shed.

We enjoyed wearing masks and pretending to be owls and rabbits and we ran and flew around the woods. We have discovered insects under the bark and the leaves. Sam told us that a millipede that he discovered under some bark had “5 legs”. It was rather hard to count it's legs because it ran so fast! We did count lots of woodlice though.

Miss Edwards helped us to play a really fun game of jumping on mats. We had to make up some rules and take turns so that we wouldn’t jump on each other!

We got the road signs out and took turns at giving signals to our friends on their scooters and bikes on our pretend road.

We played in the tent outside. We said that we wanted to make a puppet theatre. Miss Nagy helped us to take photos of each other’s shadows. We became shadow monsters.

We looked carefully at acorns and tried to make some out of clay. The clay was cold and soft but soon became warm as we worked it. We looked at the patterns on real acorns noticing that the acorns were smooth and the cups were rough and we tried to copy them. We will need to let them dry when they will look quite different.

At the end of the week it turned rather chilly and we had to put our coats back on again.

Next week, the focus will be on Physical Development - Health and Self Care. The letter of the week will be V for violet.

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