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Week commencing 13th March 2017 - Lindfield.

Our focus this week has been Communication and Language - Listening and Attention.

We have been observing how the children listen and focus, as well as how they follow simple instructions.

We have played lots of board games this week, we had to listen carefully as our teachers read the instructions and tell us the rules of the games. We particularly enjoyed a shopping basket game where we had to match the items from a shopping list and put them into our basket.

We have enjoyed beautiful warm sunshine this week and have had lots of fun exploring in the garden.

We have talked about how the garden is changing in tune with the season.

Flowers are beginning to grow and the grass has had its first cut. “The grass is getting a haircut.”

The children have been learning the names of some flowers. Crocuses, Snowdrops and Daffodils are popping up everywhere.

We went for a few lovely long walks this week and on the way to the park we looked at the flowers growing in people’s gardens.

We went to the Doctors surgery to check on the garden that we help to look after and on the way we met a lady with a black dog called Holly. The children thought it was funny as we had just walked past a Holly bush. “It’s spiky.”

We went to the shop and bought some duck food. We had to count our money to make sure we had enough pennies. The ducks must have guessed we had food as they swam quickly over to see us. “They are hungry because they need to have some food.”

The letter of the week is ‘U’ and we have been thinking of things that begin with that letter. It’s quite tricky! We thought of Umbrella, Unicorn, Under, Up and Uncle. Can you think of any?

The children have been learning some simple sign language this week, understanding that some people use their hands to talk. The children were very interested to learn the signs and picked them up very quickly.

We have been making a spring display in the kitchen and have made some tissue paper flowers using long pipe cleaners as stems.

We did some potato prints and made our prints into spring chicks.

We also did some shell rubbings. We covered some beautiful shells with paper and then used wax crayons to take the rubbings. We looked at the patterns we had made.

Many of the children talked about the shells they have collected at the seaside or when on holiday.

"I did go to Spain and get 2 shells."

Next week we will be focussing on Physical Development – Health and Self-Care. The letter of the week will be ‘V’

Please remember to bring in your Sainsbury's vouchers and post them into our special box.

Here are some of the wonderful things that we have received from your voucher collections in the past.

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