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Week Commencing 6th March - Westmeston

This week’s focus was on PSED - Managing Feelings and Behaviour and we thought a lot about how we were feeling and how our actions affected others.

We read some lovely books. “Calm Down Boris” by Stella Gurney and “Winston Was Worried” by Pamela Duncan Edwards. We talked about our own feelings and those of our friends. We took turns at listening to each other talking at carpet time. We practised good manners at lunchtime. We are always practising good listening but some of us find it easier than others.

We made dens and campsites inside and outside with lovely cosy spaces for a little snooze.

Miss Edwards helped us to make a spaceship out of boxes and a handy emergency tent.

It is so exciting to see how the daffodils are almost all in flower and we are beginning see many other flowers such as celandines, violets and daisies. We didn’t realise that hidden amongst the catkins on the hazel tree there were teeny tiny red flowers. Noisy bumblebees are starting to fly around searching for food.

We have been looking at the bark on the trees, looking for bugs. We saw a ladybird on some new leaves, noticing that the elder tree leaves seemed to be sprouting earlier than the others. We were able to identify it by it's smell. We couldn't find any words to describe it. Our facial expressions said it all.

In the woods a group of us talked about the birds starting to make their nests and lay eggs. We made our own nests out of twigs, moss and feathers and pretended to be birds hatching out eggs. We thought about the task of making the nests cosy and how we would have to sit on the nests to keep our eggs warm. We sat on our nests for a very long time. We then had to feed our chicks when they hatched.

We enjoyed Silly Soup, discovering items beginning with the letter of the week ‘Tt’. We had a tea bag, towel, T Rex, tin and a teddy. Out and about we saw trees, twigs and trunks.

Mrs Hilton has been helping us to be more organised. In the mornings when we arrive we need to find pegs with our names on to peg our wellies together. We are going to do this whenever we take our wellies off as well.

We painted our own Bog Babies after re-visiting the

book and also read The Wild Woods by Simon James. Both of these stories are about wild creatures needing to stay in the wild. We are becoming more thoughtful about what we find, understanding that we need to put worms and ladybirds back where we found them.

We had lots of fun using the real grown up tools (closely

supervised by Miss Vincent of course) to make things out of balsa wood. We used hammers and saws and learned how to use them properly and safely.

On Friday after a vote, most of us chose to go back to the huge mud puddle! We met a very nice man driving a small tractor and found some very interesting fungi. Next week we may go up the mountain!

Conker Sheep has had two sleepovers this week! When he came back from Amelia's house wearing a tutu he went straight off to Oscars house! Thank you to everyone for taking such good care of Conker Sheep. We will have to get him a bigger case to travel in as he is collecting quite a stylish assortment of clothes! He has now gone to Harry's house - have fun Conker Sheep!

Nest week our focus is Communication and Literacy - Listening and Attention. Have a good weekend!

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