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Week commencing 6th March 2017 - Lindfield.

Our focus this week has been Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Self Confidence and Self Awareness.

On Monday we spent some time looking in mirrors and drawing ourselves, we noticed our similarities and differences and talked about how we see ourselves - describing ourselves positively.

“I have beautiful longy hair.” “I have a big smile.” “My nose is so cute.”

Some children went out walking whilst others played in the garden.

The children who went out enjoyed a visit to the park. They used the swings, climbing frame and went whizzing around on the roundabout.

They shared a story while sitting on the park bench. The story was about a little boy who was afraid of the dark. The children went on to explain how they felt about the dark and when they returned they extended the activity by using torches against black paper and painting the light beam.

Mrs Booth had brought along some wood cookies, they had faces drawn onto them showing different emotions. They children looked carefully at them and we talked about feelings.

Tuesday – it was such a sunny day that we spent most of the day playing in the garden. It was warm and we even took our coats off.

Some children helped in the kitchen to prepare lunch, we enjoyed a roast dinner with lots of fresh vegetables.

On Wednesday we celebrated Miss Nagy’s birthday.

We baked a lime and raspberry cake with Mrs Davies and Miss Nagy brought in some Hungarian goodies for us to have after lunch.

On Thursday we shared a very special circle time, we took turns to talk about things we are good at and things we enjoy.

“I am good at riding my bike and I am kind to the other children.” “I am good at dancing but I’m not very good at circles.” “I am good at knowing about king cobras.”

It's Fire Drill week so each day we have had fire drills to practise what to do if there was to be a real emergency. We have to listen very carefully to our teachers.

A group of children had a picnic lunch outside in the garden. It was very sunny and warm.

We saw a helicopter fly past and we all waved to the pilot. We wondered where it was going and if the pilot saw us?

Next week we will be focussing on Communication and language – listening and attention. The letter of the week will be ‘U’

Date for your diary - 23rd March 2017 - 8pm. Parents information evening at The Bent Arms in the upstairs room.

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