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Week Commencing 27th February - Westmeston

It was Dressing-Up Week! We came as Spiderman, pirates, princesses, fairies and we even had Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Mrs Hilton came as Harry Potter on World Book Day and Miss Edwards was of course, Supertato!

On Tuesday we made pancakes for Pancake Day, we enjoyed mixing the ingredients together.

It was St David’s Day on Wednesday and we made daffodils. We saw lots of daffodils on our walks.

With this week’s focus on Technology we brought in toys from home to talk about and give demonstrations on. We had police cars that crashed and electronic temperature gauges which told us the time and beeped if we “pressed that button”. We looked at an electronic bird book which had pictures and numbers on that we could press to hear what the birds sounded like. We tried to identify them when we were outside. We had to use screwdrivers to undo battery compartments and put new batteries in when the cameras wouldn’t turn on. We had to make sure that they went the right way round or they still wouldn’t work!

We took photos with the grown up camera and the Kiddicams.

We played games on the computer. Then Mrs Vincent thought that it was high time that we saw how her old printer worked! So we set about unscrewing screws, sawing, prizing apart and good old fashioned bashing to get inside the old printer. We needed to wear safety goggles to make sure that our eyes were safe. We then explored the movements inside and took the bits out as we worked out what we thought the various components were for. It was amazing!

The traditional story was Cinderella and we heard one that sounded a bit different to the one that we knew. We talked about how the carriage might have moved and how the wheels moved round.

We turned logs into a mud kitchen.

We discovered number logs that Mr Booth had made for us. We enjoyed jumping from log to log and calling out the numbers.

We used a magic magnetic board to practise our writing as well as the usual mud and sticks while outside, all the time making sure we were holding the pencil or stick properly.

Our letter of the week was 'Ss' and we found a stethoscope, snake, skirt, spotty scarf and sports car among the many things hiding in the Silly Soup. We also had snowdrops to take home carefully dug up from Mrs Irwin's garden.

On Friday we had the opportunity to make birds. We looked through the bird books and decided what bird we would make. We then coloured and folded paper bird shapes attaching them to straws to make them flap. Some of us made swallows, others made woodpeckers. We did enjoy running around with them and making them flap.

Conker Sheep came back from a fun time at Mrs Vincent’s house and has now gone home with Amelia.

We got a little bit muddy on Friday when we went on an adventure. We had lots of fun making a cake for Miss Edwards out of woodchips and mud. We discovered what happened if we trod in puddles or mud that goes over the tops of our wellies. It did feel rather nice to sit in the mud! We came across a pond and wondered whether the Bog Baby might be living there.

Next week we will be focussing on Self Confidence and Self Awareness and we are going to try and remember to bring something in that interests us. The letter of the week will be 'Tt'. We really enjoy finding things that begin with the letter and sound of the week. Please can you help us to do this?

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