Week commencing 27th February 2017 - Lindfield.

Understanding the World – Technology. This week we focussed on the ways in which we can use technology.

We provided many opportunities for the children to use electronic devices and remote control operated toys.

We had kindles, ipads and laptops available for the children to use and had carefully selected educational games for them to explore.

We used the camera and uploaded the pictures onto the computer so we could look at them on a larger screen, we even printed some out to stick into our books.

On Tuesday we had a pottery session with Jane. We moulded our clay into snail shapes and sat them onto leaves we had made. We carefully painted them and Jane has taken them away to put them into the kiln. When they come back they will be hard and shiny and we can take them home.

Tuesday was also Pancake Day – we had pancakes for pudding at lunchtime.

Some children chose to have honey on theirs and others preferred chocolate spread or jam.

Someone even chose Marmite!

Wednesday was St David’s Day. We made some beautiful daffodil pictures and have decorated the nursery with them. They are fabulous!

Mrs Irwin potted up some snowdrops for us all to take home and plant in our garden. When we see them grow we will remember the happy times we shared at The Acorns.

Our letter of the week is 'S' and we were excited that snowdrops started with 'S'.

On Thursday we welcomed a new friend. Charlotte is a student and will be visiting us on a Thursday for the next 5 weeks. She is looking at how we play and how our teachers help us to meet our next steps in our learning journey. She was very good at building train tracks and she helped us to make one that filled the whole room.

We have been for a few walks this week to the village and to the local parks and of course we have enjoyed lots of time in our garden.

The weather is changing and we are beginning to see signs of spring.

Lots of flowers are beginning to grow in our garden and we have enjoyed looking at them as they spring up through the ground. The daffodils are growing and they are opening.

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up all week as our favourite characters - we had a very hungry caterpillar, a brave knight, Spider man and lots of other wonderful costumes. Well done to everyone who took part.

Next week we will be focussing on Personal, Social and Emotional Development –Self Confidence and Self Awareness.

It’s also Fire drill week, each day we will practise how to keep safe if there was to be a fire at The Acorns.

Nursery School Book week – Please bring in your special nursery school big books for us to look at and to share.

The letter of the week will be 'T'.

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