Week Commencing 13th February - Westmeston

Focus of the week - Expressive Art and Design, Being Imaginative

We have had a week of make believe with dressing up and den making! Miss Edwards helped some

of us to make super hero masks. We became Batman and Iron Man which of course prompted a lot of imaginary play. We also got to play with her special colour mixing glasses. They made things look so strange!

We made bird seed cakes that went a bit squishy and fell apart. We were sure that the birds wouldn’t

mind that though! We have had some beautiful spring like days and the signs of spring are all around us with the snow drops and daffodils growing in the grounds. Just as well that we had our decorated wellies with us to help us explore!

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. We made Valentines biscuits to eat and to take home. We love cooking and enjoyed measuring out the ingredients. We rolled out the biscuit dough and learnt that if the dough got sticky we would have to put more flour on it.

We read “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and acted it out. We made marshmallow

and Rice Krispies bear faces. They were very sticky and very yummy!

In the woods we found the special trees that we measured the week before. We used mud and a sticky bird seed mix to make faces on the trees. Oscar called his tree “Mr Silly Face”. We looked closely at a tree that had fallen down and noticed that it had rotten

from the inside. To help us understand the parts of a tree we pretended to be one with some of us pretending to be bark and some of us being roots and branches. We really enjoyed this and some of us wanted to do it again and again.

Our letter of the week was Rr and we looked at all of the things that began with the sound like ribbon and rabbit. Please help us to remember to bring in something beginning with the letter of the week. The week back from half term will be Ss.

We did a bit of digging in the garden area and we will need to think about planting things that the

rabbits and squirrels won’t eat. Before Christmas we watched as the cheeky squirrels ran off with all of our acorns that we were going to plant!

We practised our mark making using various methods and we used felt pens, pencils, spy pens, mud, cotton buds and feathers!

We were lucky on Friday to visit a lady called Jenny who lives in Middleton Manor to look at her puppies. We went through big iron gates up to a very big house. There were two gorgeous puppies, all black

and jumpy. They were called Rosie and Blue. We were then treated to story telling by Jayden in the woods.

Conker Sheep has spent the week at Monty’s house. Monty was proud to tell us what fun they'd had! He has now gone home with Miss Vincent and her children for half term. We enjoyed playing with Mrs Hilton’s son, Ollie and Miss Vincent’s children, Florence and Jayden this week. Thank you for coming to play with us.

We hope you have a happy half term! When we come back the focus will be Understanding the World – Technology so please help us to bring in something to do with technology.

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