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Week commencing 13th February 2017 - Lindfield.

The focus of the week has been Expressive Arts and Design - being imaginative.

We have been observing how the children use their imagination. We have offered many opportunities for the children to be creative in their play.

We have had role play and dressing up available each day. We have dressed as fire-fighters, doctors, princesses and spiders amongst other things.

We have used building blocks, duplo, stickle bricks and magnets to construct with, creating amazing sculptures and models.

We explored our small world play equipments, the train track, farm yard and the fairy-tale castle and used our imaginations to set up and act out some wonderful scenarios.

It's been decorated welly week - Thank you to everyone who brought in their wonderfully decorated boots.One child even shared his stickers with Miss Cheyne."You forgot to decorate your shoes, you can have a mermaid sticker."

The children enjoyed a muddy puddle walk wearing their wellies.

In the garden we have played in the mud kitchen and sailed to shark infested waters on the pirate ship. “Look out! I can see a huge shark, it’s got giant teeth.”

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day so we have been busy making cards and pictures for the people who are special to us. We carried on throughout the week doing valentines crafts - we made heart shaped mobiles to hang up as well as cards and posters.

On Wednesday we baked heart shaped cookies with Miss Nagy. We used a special Hungarian recipe. We measured out the ingredients and used our hands as tools to knead the dough. We also used rolling pins and cutters.

We shared lots of wonderful stories and used the story stones to make up our own stories too.

We have had lots of ‘junk’ brought in this week and we have enjoyed making great models from it. “This is a fast train, it goes to London.” “I think this rocket goes all the way around the world and then lands on the moon.” “This is a stegosaurus.”

Have a happy half term and we look forward to seeing you all after the short break when we will be welcoming some new children to The Acorns.

We will be focussing on Understanding the World - Technology.


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