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Week Beginning 6th February - Westmeston

On Monday we played musical shapes. We read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Many of us remembered that there were different sized bowls, chairs and beds. We decided that Goldilocks probably shouldn’t have gone into an empty house and that she was a bit cheeky to eat baby bear’s porridge.

Tuesday was Internet Safety Day and we talked about being careful when we use tablets, computers and smart phones. We said how we love playing games and going on the CBeebies website. We learned that there are sometimes scary things on the internet that children shouldn’t see and that if we did see anything that wasn’t right then we must tell a grown up.

We played a game on the computer about finding a monkey. We learned about positional language and the monkey was under, over and next to things. Although we enjoyed the game and the song on the laptop we really enjoyed it when we took Miss Vincent’s monkey outside and ran around looking for it. Much better for us to be out in the fresh air!

Also on Tuesday, Miss Vincent drew around all of us lying on the floor, including Miss Edwards to see who was the tallest! It was Miss Edwards and Fabian said she looked like a bear!

. Our letter of the week was Qq. We would like you to help us to bring in show and tell items that begin with the letter of the week. This week Mrs Hilton

brought in a lovely quilt and a photo of our Queen wearing a beautiful sapphire necklace because she has reached her Sapphire Jubilee. Sixty five years! Phew, we decided that this was a very big number! Harry brought in his own Queen and a brilliant book all about Q which we loved!

We made a bar chart on Wednesday to see how many of us liked porridge. In the woods, we measured the circumference of special trees that we chose and sorted them by size. Dexter chose the biggest tree and we used his measuring strip 4 times to get right round it!

On Thursday we made different sized bear biscuits with Mrs Hilton, then ate them! Yum!

Throughout the week, Miss Edwards has been helping us with experiments. We have been wearing goggles and using test tubes. We have been measuring, pouring, mixing and watching reactions of various mixes. Some things float, some things sink and some things dissolve. We have been learning lots of new words to describe what we were seeing. Miss Edwards was impressed by what we already knew! Teddy brought in a volcano that he put vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in. We all watched as the mixture erupted out of the top just like a real volcano.

On Friday, more experiments and we looked at patterns in nature. We took rubbings of pine cones and tree cookies and looked at snail shells and part of a wasp nest. We learned even more new words and looked for patterns when we were out in the

woods. We got incredibly muddy as we do like to roll around and make mud handprints on each other! We wondered how high the trees were and how deep the puddles were before we jumped in to them and we were excited when it started to snow!

Please can you help us to practise putting our coats and shoes on? We also need to practise doing our zips up. It will be good for us to be able to do these things before we go to school.

Conker Sheep had exciting tales to tell from his sleepovers at Wilbur's house and Christopher and John's house. He is looking forward to going to Monty's house next!

Next week, we are focussing on Expressive Art and Design – being imaginative. We are looking forward to junk modelling and dressing up. We will have some special activities for Valentine's Day on Tuesday – we can’t wait!

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