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Week commencing 6th February 2017 - Lindfield.

Focus of the week – Mathematics - Space, shape and measure.

Monday – We made some wonderful shape printing pictures. We used different sized cups to make circles, duplo blocks to make rectangles and stacking cubes to make squares.

We identified and named the shapes as we made the prints with brightly coloured paint.

The children who went for a walk searched for shapes and found them in the most unusual of places - They pointed out drain covers, different shaped windows, rectangular letterboxes and they even found some cut trees. "Its a huge circle."

Mrs Booth told the children that the age of a tree can be measured by counting the rings.

At the park, the children had lots of fun, running freely and experimenting with their movements.

They continued with the mathematical theme by measuring weight on the see-saw.

How many children could be on each end to make it level.

Who was heavier?

Who was lighter?

Miss Whale lay on the ground and the children drew around her with chalk, they then took turns to lay down within her outline to measure their own height. Great team work!!

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day UK. We read the children a story on the ipad about Digi Duck and talked about ways to keep ourselves safe whilst using technology.

Some of the children played a shape matching game and a dinosaur explorers game.

It is so important to teach our children how to keep safe on-line, even from an early age.

Below is a link for your information.

The traditional story this week is Goldilocks and on Wednesday the children made their own porridge for morning snack. They measured out oats and milk and stirred well.

The children added a banana, honey or jam into their porridge. YUMMY!

Miss Nagy made some great lollipop stick puppets for the children to use whilst story telling.

They recalled the story and adapted it to their own experiences.

On Thursday some of the group went out for a walk, whilst the others played in the garden.

The mud kitchen has been a hive of activity with mud porridge on the menu all week.

We filled and emptied containers, measuring their contents.

Filling up our cups with water and emptying them into jugs and pots.

On Friday we concentrated on shapes and measuring.

We used shape stencils, played shape games and did puzzles.

We made a set of scales using a coat hanger and plastic cups and then we weighed stones on the scales and counted how many were in each cup.

We talked about size and weight.

Often 3 small stones weighed the same as 1 big stone.

Next week - Expressive Arts & Design - Being Imaginative.

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