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Week Commencing 30th January - Westmeston

This week we have been reading and storytelling! Our traditional story for the last two weeks was Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson. This inspired a role play area of fairies, logs and natural materials. We brought in our own favourite stories to share with our friends.

We had to make our own play dough and enjoyed measuring and mixing the ingredients together

before it was cooked. The new play dough was lovely and warm.

It was a little bit wet this week so we ended up doing what we do best – putting on our wet weather clothing ready to go outside to see if we could find the biggest puddle! One puddle was so big that we could almost swim in it! Other friends took up the more relaxing pastime of fishing! We had such fun.

Despite the wet weathers, we still got soaking wet. It was good to get back for the lovely hot lunch that Mrs Butcher had cooked for us.

When we had to stay inside because we had run out of spare clothes we did music and movement with ribbons and party games and we were quite pink cheeked with so much exercise and laughing.

Later in the week we played with sand and ended up transporting it around in diggers and dump trucks along with the conkers and pine cones inside and outside. We love it that we can choose

where we play.

We have had opportunities to practise writing our names and numbers with pencils, felt pens, mud and sand. If we can’t quite manage our whole name we are trying hard to write the first letter. We are doing so well.

On Friday we made a Shadow Theatre with a sheet, a torch and small cardboard figures on sticks. We really enjoyed acting out our own stories and made sure that we took turns and helped our friends. This led to us to talking about different countries. Luckily Miss Nagy’s flask had a map of

the world on it so we could see where the different countries were.

We chose to end the week with a lovely walk up on the downs where we ran up the slopes and rolled down again! It was a bit damp and very muddy on the paths so we had to use all of our balancing skills to stay upright as best we could! We went back through the woods where we had the most delicious hot chocolate and snack in the log circle and then back through more mud!

We were lucky to have Miss Nagy and her friend Angelina to play with us on Friday. We enjoyed the games and stories that they shared with us.

We are making good progress with being able to put our coats, socks and shoes on by ourselves. We are also becoming much tidier.

Finally, Miss Vincent asked us to make a line on the floor to see how long we would be. There were 11 children. We talked about how in the olden days people would measure distances with their feet. This leads us very nicely into the focus area for next week which is Maths – Shape, Space and Measure.

Don't forget to look at the photos next week and maybe choose a few! Parents of children that also attend the Lindfield setting can view the photos there.

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