Week commencing 30th January 2017 - Lindfield.

This week we focussed on Literacy – writing.

We observed the children as they made marks. Mark making can take place in many different ways - it can be with pens, pencils, crayons, chalks, paints, mud, shaving foam, water etc.

We can also use tools to make marks like paint brushes and sponges.

We have been reading lots of stories and the children have been sharing books from home and from the local library. Thank you for bringing in your wonderful story books this week.

We have read the instructions for games that we have played - understanding that information can be gathered from print.

Whilst out and about we have read road signs and house names - It was interesting to see which children knew their own house numbers or addresses.

We made our own story book this week; each child had the opportunity to add to it by forming letters on a page or drawing a picture and having their meaning narrated underneath.

We have enjoyed a role play post office which is stocked with pencils and envelopes. We used stickers as stamps. We wrote letters to our friends and posted the letters in a special post box that we made and painted together.

Shaving foam on a tray was great fun and we used our fingers and paintbrushes to make marks and write letters.

We made cupcakes and had to carefully read the recipe to make sure we added the correct ingredients.

We made our own story characters and used our imagination to build stories around them. The story stones helped and gave some children the prompts they needed to enable their story telling.

On Friday, we went for a lovely walk in the sunshine to try and find a postbox.

We had to cross the road and waited patiently for the red man to turn green at the crossing. We found a postbox and we posted a letter we had written to Mrs Irwin. We will be excited to see when it arrives back at The Acorns.

On the way back, we spotted something very interesting ...

Across the road from where we were walking, there was a large red trolley. It belonged to the postman.

We crossed over to take a closer look, sadly we didn't see the postman. He must have been too busy delivering the letters to the houses in the street.

During the week we have spent lots of time in the garden, even when it was raining. We had fun searching for puddles and jumping in them.

Next week we will be focussing on Mathematics - space, shape and measure.

Our story for the next fortnight will be Goldilocks

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